Great Opening For Sea Bass


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack Creek on October 10th. Levittown Town Lake was restocked October 24th.

Well back from muzzleloader hunting and we ended up having a great week. WE came home with 5 does with Helen getting a couple, myself getting a couple and our local guy picked up the 5th. Weather could not have been any better with 30-degree nights and 70-degree days. Out later this week archery seeing a good size 6 point but could not get it to come in any closer than 50 yards. Will be looking for him next week.

This past week with the opening of sea bass brought tons of great saltwater reports. I did not hear of one fisherman that did not limit out with 3 to 5 pound sea bass, 3 to 8 pound blackfish and even some 4 to 7 pound flounder picked up in the mix. Lots of false albacore, decent tuna fishing and also plenty of bluefish up and down the coast. South there are still a few kingfish, triggerfish and smaller bluefish hitting bloodworms, Fish Bites and strip mullet. Off Island State Park one fisherman had a great beginning of the week with stripers 22 to 30 inches in SP Minnows, Mag poppers, and Tsunami shads. Later in the week just smaller fish with Fin-s fish and clams. Stripers in the Raritan Bay are starting to pick up but still the water temperatures are still a bit high. The few that are being caught are being caught snagging and dropping bunker. Up off Massachusetts and New York some monster sea bass, cod and tilefish are being caught with jigs and top and bottom rigs tipped with squids and clams. South fishing this past week kind of died out with not one person coming in from Delaware or the Chesapeake Bay.

Levittown Lake was restocked this past week and everyone I talked to did pretty well. Power baits, wax worms, mealworms and spoons seemed to be working the best. Some decent 24 o 26-inch rainbows were caught. The Pennypack has still been pretty good for the few guys fishing. Roosevelt Boulevard, Woodward Avenue and Pine Road have been the better spots to head. Most guys have been catching 1 to 2 fish each trip with mealworms, power baits and spinners. A few carp, bass and bluegills mixed in. A few guys still fishing the Perkiomen doing well on smallies, rock bass and bluegills fishing minnows, spinners, twister tails and smaller crankbaits. Penn Warner has been hot for both bank and boat fisherman. Chunk and Jay did well this week fishing minnows for yellow perch and pickerel. Now the bass guys showed me pictures of plenty of fish 3 to 5 pounds caught with minnows, spinner baits, crankbaits and metal. Mixed in plenty of pickerel and pike. A big bass was picked up at Givens Pond over 5 pounds. Also there have been some good crappies being caught on this same lake with minnows, twister tails and tubes. Nockamixon a few different reports with John still doing well on smallies and largemouth jigging deeper water. One fisherman off the dam picked up a few bigger catfish with live minnows. And the last report was a fisherman working plastic worms and jigs around the docks for bass, pickerel and perch. Jerry had another good weekend on Marsh Creek for bass, yellow perch and pickerel. Minnows and spoons have been working best.

The upper river has still been great for smallies with a bunch of smaller stripers mixed in. Minnows, grubs, tubes, spinners, Senko worms and Ned Rigs have been working best. Several guys fishing off the New Hope wing dam have been catching 5 to 15 bass with several catfish mixed in fishing live minnows. The drift guys were out on Saturday catching over 50 bass with minnows and spinners. A few other guys fishing out of Lambertville have been catching 15 to 25 fish each trip with minnows, grubs and Ned Rigs. One wader up at Point Pleasant picked up 8 bass, 4 stripers and a nice 21-inch walleye fishing minnows, Senko worms and tubes.

The lower river has not changed much with plenty of catfish hitting bunker, shrimp, chunked and live eels, nightcrawlers and chicken livers. Now there are also plenty of smaller stripers hitting bloodworms and chicken livers. Lower section of the river one guy picked up a few 24 to 26 inch stripers fishing live eels looking for flathead catfish. I had no report for largemouth this past week.

Now for the best smallmouth bass fishing you have to head to the Susquehanna River. Here guys have been catching 30 to 75 bass on minnows, grubs, tubes, salty spiders, Rapala’s and all different top water lures. Most of these bass have been 1 to 18 inches up to 4 pounds. A few walleyes mixed in.

The Schuylkill River has still been great for catfish, carp, smallies, yellow perch and smaller stripers. Down below the dam fishing nightcrawlers, bloodworms, shrimp, chicken livers and bagels plenty of catfish, yellow perch and stripers. Just below the dam fishing at night still some good numbers of walleyes and smaller stripers being picked up with sassy shads and twister tails. Ron up at Norristown has been catching 5 to 10 smallies with grubs and spinners. Carp have been hitting boilies, corn and carp baits all up and down the river. Being away I did not hear how the catfish crew did the past couple weeks.

John has still been doing very good on Union Lake for bass and pickerel fishing weedless frogs, buzz baits, suspended crankbaits and spinner baits. Jerry still catching plenty of yellow perch, crappies and pickerel fishing minnows in the lakes along Route 47. One fisherman on Dennisville Lake said plenty of pickerel hitting minnows, spinners and twister tails. The Mullica River is picking up for pickerel fishing minnows and yellow twister tails. Richie said the bass dropped off but plenty of pickerel hitting on Lake Lenape. The river below the dam he said plenty of perch, small stripers and pickerel hitting minnows, nightcrawlers and bloodworms. And his buddies down river have been catching plenty of 18 to 24 inch stripers with crankbaits, rattletraps and 6 inch Gulp grubs.

Well that is all I have this week. Weather changing but the fishing seems to be picking up. Great looking Saturday with just a bit of rain for Sunday so if you do get out let me knows how you did. Bill


Fisherman Magazine Update

Our “busting water all over the place” report from last week was spot on, even if only for an instant, as boats trolling and livelining last week hit the first wave of stripers cruising past the Central Jersey coast. Tackle shops in the Barnegat Inlet area had bass to 45-1/2-pounds brought to the scale, while word of one 50-pounder caught and released off Lavallette came in to The Fisherman this week. A big cold front moves through early week finally ushering in the fall weather and hopefully pushing bait along the coast, and a couple of weekend tournaments should have the fleet on the grounds in search of wave two of the 2017 season. Black sea bass is back in the mix and keeping the rail gang in great spirits, while the appearance of monster blues over 20 pounds as Dream Boat hunters looking to check off another tournament box this week. In the political mix this Saturday, New Jersey’s Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno will join both hunters and anglers on Saturday, October 28 at a gubernatorial rally in Point Pleasant Beach; the event starts at 2 p.m. and who sportsmen’s groups in the state hope will be New Jersey’s next governor will arrive at 3 p.m. That’s at Captain Bill’s Landing at 49 Inlet Drive; park in the inlet parking lot where you can also try your hand at dunking a blackfish bait while they’re still there!

From Ortley to IBSP, a run of fish “busting water all over the place” had social media accounts ablaze and casters running for plug bags. As of late Wednesday afternoon, at least one 40-pound class fish was brought to Creekside Outfitters that was caught south of the lighthouse on a livie, though surfcasters looking to score big are watching the weather with anticipation; NOAA forecast has winds out of the southwest on Thursday turning northwest through Friday which hopefully lowers water temps and triggers the bait movement. With a little light northeast on Saturday morning, it could provide the first good shot at coastal bass by boat or by beach of the 2017 season. The Fisherman’s weekly reports this week have more reported stripers in the 20- and 30-pound class on the Raritan Bay, while South Jersey back bay reports are coming alive as well for light tackle anglers tossing jigs and plugs. Monster bluefish aboard the party boats in Central and North Jersey, while sheepshead continue to impress anglers from South Jersey down along the Delaware Coasts. Of course the big news on Sunday, October 22 is the reopening of the NJ/DE black sea bass fishery – if you haven’t called your favorite boat to book your first trip, better hurry as it we’re expecting a busy opener!

TROUT In The Pennypack


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack Creek on October 10th.

Out Thursday for a bit of fishing in the morning and up a tree later in the day. I was on the river early fishing bunker, shrimp and chunked eels catching 20 catfish. Most were 1 to 3 pound but I did have one 6 plus pound fish. I also missed at least another 20 plus fish. Later in the day I hit the woods mid afternoon sitting till dark not able to get a shot. Now I did see 4 to 6 deer but nothing close enough to get a shot.

Salmon fishing in New York the past week has been on fire. Most guys are talking up plenty of fish 10 to 20 pounds hitting egg sacks, sponge and crazy eggs. A few steelheads are also being picked up in the same waters on salmon eggs and nightcrawlers.

Trout were restocked in the Pennypack this past Tuesday. And from talking to plenty of guys that went over they did a pretty good job. Most guys have been catching 3 to 20 fish a trip. Mealworms, wax worms, earthworms, small minnows, power baits, spinners and trout magnets working best. Further up the creek guys have still been doing well on smallies, rock bass and big bluegills fishing spinners, jigs and shallow crankbaits. There was also a 14-pound carp picked up by a trout fisherman at the Boulevard falls with a few pieces of corn. This fish was 31 inches 19 pounds.

Several guy over to Core Creek this past week looking for bass but not having much luck. There were a few smaller fish caught on plastic worms but that was it. Down in the main lake off the docks one fisherman looking for crappies said he could not keep the 3 to 4 inch white perch off his live minnows. John started picking up some better largemouth bass at Nockamixon fishing rattletraps, suspended crankbaits and slow rolling spinner baits in 15 to 35 feet of water. Over the weekend he picked up 11 fish between 2 and 4 pounds. He said if you fish the shallows with plastic worms and buzz baits plenty of 1 to 2 pound bass hitting. Marsh Creek has still been great for good size smallies; yellow perch and pickerel fishing live minnows in the creek beds. Jerry out last weekend catching over 50 mixed fish for the day. Penn Warner still pretty good for perch, pike and pickerel fishing live minnows, Whopper Ploppers and jigging metal. Now Chuck was in saying the bank fishing slowed up with just some perch hitting minnows along the shoreline.

Upper Delaware did come up a bit this past week with the rain but it is still running clear with lots of leaves and grass floating. But the smallmouth bass fishing has still been great from Yardley all the way up to the Water Gap. Several guys fishing off the New Hope wing dam did very good on smallmouth bass 1 to 3 pound with live minnows, stripers 15 to 24 inches with minnows, live eels and grubs and some catfish 3 to 8 pound all with live eels. Now drifting down from Stockton to Lambertville one fisherman picked up 49 bass, 5 stripers and a walleye this past Monday. He caught all these fish with live minnows. The drift guys had another good weekend catching 50 fish on Saturday and 73 fish on Sunday. This was a mix of bass, stripers, catfish and walleyes. These guys did well with minnows, spinners, tubes, Ned Rigs and grubs. Kevin said the Water Gap is on fire fishing late afternoons. Plenty of schools of shad and herring with tons of smallies feed all around them. He has been doing best with Yozuri Pin’s minnows; rattle traps and different top water plugs. Average afternoon has been 30 to 40 bass with a few stripers mixed in.

The next best smallmouth bass has been the Susquehanna River. Now I only have two different groups heading out but they both have been catching 50 to 75 smallies between 1 and 5 pounds. Minnows, grubs, tubes, crayfish, hellgrammites, grubs, poppers and shallow crankbaits have been working best. Clemson Island down to Duncannon has been the spot they have been fishing.

Schuylkill River has been another good spot to head for bass, walleyes, catfish, carp and stripers. Below the dam guys fishing bloodworms, nightcrawlers and bagels have been catching catfish, stripers and yellow perch. At the dam walleyes at night or early on the morning hours with minnows, shiners, shad bodies and twister tails. The catfish group is starting to drop off. The guys left picked up about 50 fish this past week with no flatheads. Up the river Ron had a good evening picking up 11 bass with top water plugs.

The lower river besides what I did have been pretties much catfish, stripers and white perch with bloodworms, bunker, shrimp, chicken livers and nightcrawlers. Several guys off Linden Avenue have been catching 5 to 10 stripers an afternoon with bloodworms but all have been 12 o 14 inches. Same with one fisherman below the Tacony catching 25 stripers and a bunch of catfish with bloodworms and shrimp. Did not hear a thing on largemouth bass this past week.

Saltwater fishing picked up with some nicer seas. Off the beach they caught quite a few nice kingfish and smaller blues off Wildwood with bloodworms and mullet. Up at Ventnor one fisherman had a blast with kingfish, small blues and even had a triggerfish with bloodworms and mullet. Some bigger blues (1 to 2 pounds) at Brick on metal and mullet. Off shore the tuna fishing has been very good and up north off shore some good numbers of bluefish hitting metal and chunked bunker. I even had one fisherman crush the false albacore trolling 10 miles out. All the guys fishing New York and above have been crushing giant sea bass and porgies with bloodworms, strip mackerel and clams. And from Delaware down into the Chesapeake Bay tons of spots hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites.

Jerry in his south Jersey Lake crushed the crappies, perch and pickerel this past week with minnows, Rapala’s and spinner baits. Richie said the bass bite has still been good for 1 to 2 pound bass fishing Senko worms, Jelly worms and Rapala crankbaits.

Well that is all I have for you this week. I will miss next weeks report with us heading up state for muzzleloader hunting. Bill

20” large mouth bass Dredge Harbour 10-6-17 Ron Kall

Hi, My name is alex dunetz. Local fisherman to montgomery county. I always read your report. Think I should start helping. Past week went to penny pack 2 days. Day 1 I caught a smallmouth, trout, blue gills, sunfish. 13 total all on warms. Just dug some up once I got to the spot. Day 2 at pennypack. Caught nothing. Very sad disappointing. Just started a new youtube channel. Exclusive outdoor channel. So I post updates there. But here is some photos from day 1.
Thank you for everything you do!!!!!  alex

Fisherman Magazine Update

Onshore winds heading into the weekend are predicted by NOAA to turn W/NW by Monday which hopefully will trigger more of the bait migration, bring about some cooler water temps and prompt a steadier bite of striped bass and bluefish along the coast. A few 20-pound-plus stripers reported along the North/Central coast, while a surprising number of redfish and sheepshead have been registered from South Jersey down along the Delaware Coast. With weakfish reported in many of the old-time usual haunts, we should expect a few speckled trout to appear for sharpies in The Fisherman’s southern region. Blackfish are inshore, out back and along the jetties, presenting a perfect opportunity for light tackle action for those interested in fine tuning their jig game. And with warmer temps, expect more false albacore to pop up along the inshore grounds under the birds – reports from the north show that little tunny run is most certainly not done! The Dream Boat Challenge is entering the homestretch, so look for bruiser bluefish appearing from a bit offshore, possibly pushed in tighter this weekend with the easterly blow.

Trout Stocking This Coming Week


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack Creek on October 10th.

Business Hours will change Monday October 2nd. Monday thru Friday 7 am to 6 pm. Saturday 7 am to 5 pm and Sunday 7 am to 4 pm.

With Anthony in the academy and Bruce away this past week I never did see any water. I did manage to sneak out a couple hours on Tuesday to get a bit of hunting in and was luck enough to shoot a big doe and hour into the hunt.

Upper river has still been the best fishing. Smallies, small stripers and catfish have been hitting grubs, minnows, spinners, Ned Rigs, Senko worms and all kinds of top water lures. Several guys fishing Lambertville up to Stockton have been catching 25 to 40 fish for a day of fishing. Minnows working better in the fast water with grubs working better in the slack water. Off the New Hope wing dams guys have been doing great with smallies fishing live minnows with stripers and catfish hitting live and chunked eels. The drift guys only had one day fishing from Frenchtown down to Bull’s Island catching 65 fish between 4 guys most all with minnows and spinners. Up at the Water Gap Kevin said the fishing has still been great in the late afternoons with the water warming up with the day’s sunshine. He has been doing best with grubs, tubes and popper. Average day he has been catching 20 to 35 fish. A few other fisherman out with fly rods throwing poppers, woven body nymphs and bead head have been catching 3 to 6 fish a day. Just talked to a wader in from Yardley landing 9 fish this morning all with live minnows.

Lower River seems to be picking up with tons of small stripers hitting bloodworms, chicken livers, poppers, spooks and crankbaits. Early in the mornings the bass fisherman have been doing great on rattletraps and deep diving crankbaits. Once light hits the water the fish drop down and start hitting bait. The evening guys have been doing best with rattletraps, shallow crankbaits, poppers and spooks around the sand bars and bridge abutments. Largemouth bass fishing over all has been slow with several guys out catching 1 to 3 fish a trip and most all the fish are small. Catfish have been hitting pretty much anything you put on the bottom. Chicken livers, shrimp, chunked eels, nightcrawlers and bunker have been working the best for fish 1 to 4 pounds. Now some bigger fish have been caught with live eels and bunker head for fish 4 to 8 pounds. Down around the Commodore Barry bridge a few different guys have been fishing bloodworms, live eels and chunked bunker catching 3 to 8 pound catfish and stripers 15 to 24 inches. The guys up the Raccoon Creek talked up a 37-inch striper he picked up last weekend with a live eel.

Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack this coming Tuesday. But I have talked to several guys fishing the upper part catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass, bluegills and even a trout here and there. Fishing mealworms, spinners, Senko worms and trout magnets most guys have been catching 5 to 15 fish a trip. Down in the creek below Torresdale Avenue one fisherman picked up 5 carp this past week 8 to 15 pounds all with corn. Hulmeville Fall has been pretty good on the Neshaminy Creek with guys catching bass, catfish, carp and even some small stripers. Nightcrawlers, minnows and corn working best. Down at Haunted Lane one fisherman with chunked eels picked up a dozen catfish 2 to 5 pounds. And a few guys picked up a bunch of small bass, rock bass and bluegills fishing small grubs, spinners and different top water lures on the Perkiomen Creek.

Levittown Lake one fisherman picked up some bluegills and crappies fishing live minnows and small marabou jigs. Core Creek again just small white perch with minnows, mealworms and small jigs. Penn Warner pretty good for bigger white and yellow perch, bass and pickerel fishing live minnows, jigging metal and plastic worms. Chuck and Jay fishing live minnows along the shoreline and off the docks have been catching plenty of big perch. Fall’s Township I have mixed reports. Several different guys were up over the weekend not catching a fish. Jim was up a couple mornings catching a couple small bass each trip with plastic worms. Another fisherman up with live minnows catching a couple pickerel and one small pike Monday afternoon. The last guy did pretty well with his son fishing mealworms and small twister tails on bluegills. Jerry up at Marsh Creek had a pretty good day with smallmouth bass and pickerel fishing minnows, spinner baits and plastic worms. Harry picked up a bunch of good size crappies with shiners, trout magnets and twister tails fishing the bridges on Green Lane Reservoir.

Now the Jersey freshwater fishing has really picked up with the cooler nights. Jerry started fishing his ponds along Route 47 and 55 catching pickerel, yellow perch and crappies with minnows, plastic worms and twister tails. Richie did well on largemouth bass Tuesday evening fishing lizards off the docks. Nothing big but he was happy not to be only catching pickerel. The rest of the week it was only pickerel on Lake Lenape. Tom picked up a nice 37 inch musky this past week on Lake Hapatcong fishing a big Delve spoon. He also picked up a bunch of pickerel, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass during the week with spinner baits, jerk baits, Whopper Ploppers and Zara Spooks. Manasquan Reservoir largemouth bass fishing was good over the weekend fishing 7 and 10-inch power worms, spinner baits and rubber skirted jigs tipped with different rubber trailers. Mercer County Park one fisherman picked up 4 pickerel and a small bass fishing live minnows. Tim and his buddies picked up a few snakeheads fishing rubber frogs and jigs tipped with rubber frogs on Newtown Lake and the Cooper River. They also had one fisherman pick up a 29-pound carp fishing bagels looking for catfish. John had a couple great mornings for largemouth bass and pickerel on Union Lake fishing top water frogs, spinner baits and floating worms on top of the pads.

Saltwater reports have been slow. One fisherman did real well on kingfish, croakers and spots fishing bloodworms in the Wildwood area. Up off Ventnor one fisherman with mullet picked up 7 bluefish 1 to 2 pounds Tuesday afternoon. Further up the coast plenty of 1 to 6 pound bluefish hitting mullet, spearing and metal spoons. Now the best saltwater fishing has been down in the Chesapeake Bay and off the Delaware shoreline for spots, croakers, big white perch and smaller stripers. These guys have all been fishing bloodworms and Fish Bites. And up north off New York and Massachusetts coast the porgy, sea bass, cod and tile fishing has been extremely good. These guys are all using top and bottom rigs with clams, strip mackerel and strip squid.

Well I wish I had more for you but the season is slowing up. But these best surf fishing and striper fishing is yet to come. Bill

Fisherman Magazine Update

The warm start to the fall may be causing the coastal run to start a little slower than we’d like, but it’s also extending some of the outstanding freshwater action in the NW part of New Jersey and throughout Delaware and Pennsylvania. We start the week off with mix of hybrid stripers at Hopatcong before hitting the front beaches for new arrivals as mullet are on the move and migratory stripers are slowly appearing from north to south. The outstanding porgy action continues with more Dream Boat “scuppers” bringing their headboat catches to shops including in the Barnegat area, while big bluefish to 20 pounds have come across party boat rails this week out of Shark River and Manasquan. School stripers and tautog behind Little Egg and Absecon, while sheepshead are still being registered at the bridge at Townsend Inlet. We’re also getting reports of topwater stripers in Cape May County, and the first keeper “rock” on the Delaware side have appeared at piers at Woodland and Port Mahon. Surfcasters looking to kick off their season this weekend have two great options, one on LBI and the other the DMS Invitational in Delaware. See video for full details in our weekly video forecast for NJ and DE region.

Another good week for Smallies


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack Creek on October 10th.

Business Hours will change Monday October 2nd. Monday thru Friday 7 am to 6 pm. Saturday 7 am to 5 pm and Sunday 7 am to 4 pm.

Fishing reports are coming in less and less. Fall is coming in and several guys are in the woods hunting now that I will start doing in the next week or so. I did hit the river on Wednesday and had a pretty good day. The river is crystal clear and getting lower by the day. But I was still able to get my boat as high as the Stockton Bridge. Fishing mostly grubs we picked up 32 bass and 2 catfish. Minnows were working but the wind crossing the river made it much easier to fish grubs. Watermelon, watermelon red and chartreuse black was working the best. One bank fisherman with crayfish I watch picks up about 8 fish right below the Stockton Bridge. He did have a few bigger fish with the bigger baits. A few other boat fishing around us were doing well also with grubs, Ned rigs and Senko worms. The drift guys over the weekend did great. With minnows, grubs and spinners they picked up over 100 fish on Saturday and 75 or Sunday. They fished Frenchtown down to Bull’s Island. Off the New Hope wing dam Steve had a good afternoon on Sunday catching 5 bass, 2 stripers and a 6-pound catfish. He caught most these fish with minnows. Another fisherman off the wing dam picked up a couple 24 to 30 inch stripers fishing live eels and poppers. Down at Yardley another fisherman picked up a bunch of smaller bass, smaller stripers and catfish with minnows, grubs, spinners and poppers.

Now the lower river has still been great for catfish fishing bunker, clams, nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bagels. Most of the fish have been running 1 to 4 pounds. There have been a few bigger fish but nothing monster. No flatheads in the Delaware this past week. Now there are tons of smaller stripers hitting bloodworms, chicken livers, crankbaits and poppers. Most of these fish have been hanging off the sand bars and around the bridges. Rick had a couple good nights fishing poppers, spooks and rattletraps catching 12 to 17 inch stripers below the Tacony. Further down the fisherman in the Raccoon Creek said the stripers started to hit again on smaller eels and bloodworms. This past week he caught over 30 stripers and 25 catfish. The cats were 4 to 9 pounds and the stripers 21 to 32 inches.

Lake reports were slow this past week. One fisherman on Levittown thinking they stocked trout had a fair day on smaller crappies and bluegills on trout magnets, marabou jigs and smaller minnows. But no trout. One trout fisherman did pick up a few rainbows above Pine Road with nymphs and bead heads. He also caught a bunch of bluegills and rock bass. John up at Nockamixon said this past week was off with all the warm weather coming back in. He fished 3 days only catching a dozen bass over all with all the fish under 14 inches. Small buzz baits and 4-inch power worms were working best. Penn Warner still fair with perch, crappies and pickerel hitting minnows along the shoreline. Denny was up the other day catching one decent bass on a plastic worm. Rodger had a great afternoon catching a 19 and 17-inch smallmouth bass fishing jig tipped with beaver tails. Core Creek was just a few perch down in the spillway with smaller minnows and trout magnets.

Now the Schuylkill River has been good all up and down. I had several guys talking up plenty of carp 14 to 24 pounds on different carp baits, boilies and corn. The catfish group picked up plenty of 2 to 6 pound channels and whites with shrimp, chicken livers, nightcrawlers and chunked perch. They did catch a 17, 21 and 24 pound flatheads this past week all on live bluegills. Down at Gray’s Ferry Joe said there are still plenty of catfish, yellow perch and smaller stripers on chicken livers, nightcrawlers and bagels. Ron still doing pretty good on smallies up at Norristown fishing grubs, Senko worms and spinners. Nothing big but decent numbers.

Saltwater reports have been slow with all the storms off shore keeping most of the boats close to home. Now there have been some smaller blues hitting off the beaches and jetties with mullet, mackerel and metal. Down south a few croakers and spots hitting bloodworms. Tons of good size spots hitting off the beaches of Delaware and in the Chesapeake Bay with bloodworms and Fish Bites. And for the few boats that are getting out off New York and Massachusetts some good sea bass and porgies hitting bloodworms, clams and strip mackerel.

Mercer County Park I had one fisherman do pretty good with pickerel fishing live shiners under a bobber. He was hoping for bass but only caught pickerel. Richie got out for the first time since spring on Lake Lenape doing well with pickerel fishing plastic worms and Rapala’s. The last report I heard was a fisherman fishing the Raritan River looking for smallies but only had luck with a few catfish and bluegills.

Well that is it for the week. Don’t forget our hours change Monday this coming week! Bill

Headed up Thursday night 9/14/17 to my uncle’s house on Black Lake in Ogdensburg, NY.Fished most of Friday and Saturday on the lake.We caught Large Mouth, Small Mouth, Pike, Walleye, Peach, Rock Bass & Sun Fish(brought home some big sunfish fillets).Very shallow lake and lots of weeds. The scum frogs and particularly the double bubble worked the best.I can’t take credit for any of the bigger fish my brother Tim crushed it.