Brinkman’s/Sharkbite Bucktails Catfish Tournament Flyer

Brinkman’s/Sharkbite Bucktails Catfish Tournament Registration begins tomorrow 8/1 at Brinkman’s Bait And Tackle. $10 Men/Women, $5 Kids up to 16.
1st Annual Catfish Tournament
Sunday August 26th 6AM-3PM
(Brinkman’s will open at 5AM for bait and tackle needs)
Weigh in is at the Linden Avenue Public Boat ramp starting at 11AM and up to 3PM. In the event of back up of entrants, all fish to be weighed in must be in line by 3PM cutoff to be entered. Access to scales can be from boat at docks or drive in to ramp parking lot. (Tent with sign will be in place)
Registration is $10/Angler for the men’s and women’s division and $5 for the kids up to age 16 division
Fish can be caught from bank or boat between the hours of tournament. All Catfish species are eligible. Full rules and Regs have been posted on Facebook and Brinkman’s website as well as hard copy posted within the store.
Raffle tickets will be sold the week prior to the tournament for a variety of prizes from the sponsors below.
Please visit the following businesses who have generously donated to this tournament:
Jimmy’s Timeout                 World of Animals Vet Hospital                     Gallo’s Seafood Liam’s Auto Repair                       Folsom Tackle Corp.                              Dagwood’s

8/26/18 Catfish Tournament Rules

Anglers, below are the outlined rules for the upcoming Catfish tournament on Sunday 8/26/18. Anyone found not in compliance will have their fish disqualified from entry and registration fee will be non refundable.


Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle Catfish tournament

Rules and regulations


Hours of tournament are beginning at 6AM and ending at 3PM

Tournament will be held rain or shine and is fishable from shore banks or boat in the Delaware River. (Any fish identified as caught from otherwise will be disqualified.)

The decision to fish this tournament is the sole decision and responsibility of the angler and Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle and Sharkbite Bucktails LLC assume no liability for the decision to fish or participate in this tournament.

All angler’s will obey maritime rules and regulations as well as any restricted fishing areas from the shore banks.

Fish will be caught on rod and reel only.

Weigh in station will be established and announced prior to tournament. Any fish to be weighed in must be in line by the 3PM cutoff time in the event of several anglers weighing prior to scale closure. This will be a one fish weigh in per angler tournament.

Anglers weighing in, must possess a registration slip which will be issued by Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle at the time of registration and entry fee payment. All slips will have a recorded weight at time of weigh in and will also be recorded by Brinkman’s staff for determination of winners.

The decision to participate in catch/release of catfish is at sole discretion of the angler fishing. Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle and Sharkbite Bucktails LLC do encourage catch and release.

Prizes will be awarded for the largest catfish weighed in the three divisions- Mens, womens and kids. The prizes for each division will be based on the number of entrants in the tournament.

Entrance fees are $10/adult, $5/child 16 and under and are nonrefundable.

Winners will provide Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle with the authorization to post their names and pictures on the Facebook Page and the store’s Website.

Sponsor names of local businesses donating and contributing to the tournament will also be included with the flyer generated. Please be sure to frequent these locations who are also investing back into the local community.

Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle First Annual Catfish Tournament 8/26/18

Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle announces it’s first annual Catfish tournament. We will be holding a tournament on Sunday August 26th. Tournament will begin at 6AM with the final weigh ins by 3PM. Weigh in of fish caught will be at the Brinkman’s store on State and Linden Ave. Registration forms will be available beginning August 1st. There will be three divisions for entry – Mens, Womens, and Kids under 16. The adult divisions will be $10/person to enter and kids will be $5. Winner will be determined by heaviest fish weighed on scale at the store. In the event of a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd, prize levels will be combined for winners. Stop by the store beginning 8/1 to register. This is a bank or boat tournament.

2 Week Tidal Charts

I will be doing the best to get these posted every two weeks going forward:


Tides for Tacony-Palmyra Bridge starting with July 9, 2018.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

M    9      Low   5:57 AM     0.8   5:40 AM    Rise  2:35 AM      24
     9     High  11:21 AM     6.7   8:31 PM     Set  4:49 PM
     9      Low   6:04 PM     0.5
     9     High  11:47 PM     7.8

Tu  10      Low   6:57 AM     0.7   5:40 AM    Rise  3:18 AM      15
    10     High  12:17 PM     6.7   8:31 PM     Set  5:59 PM
    10      Low   7:01 PM     0.5

W   11     High  12:40 AM     8.0   5:41 AM    Rise  4:08 AM      7
    11      Low   7:54 AM     0.5   8:30 PM     Set  7:07 PM
    11     High   1:12 PM     6.8
    11      Low   7:57 PM     0.4

Th  12     High   1:32 AM     8.2   5:42 AM    Rise  5:07 AM      2
    12      Low   8:50 AM     0.3   8:30 PM     Set  8:10 PM
    12     High   2:06 PM     6.8
    12      Low   8:53 PM     0.4

F   13     High   2:25 AM     8.4   5:43 AM    Rise  6:13 AM      0
    13      Low   9:43 AM     0.2   8:29 PM     Set  9:07 PM
    13     High   3:00 PM     6.9
    13      Low   9:47 PM     0.3

Sa  14     High   3:18 AM     8.4   5:43 AM    Rise  7:25 AM      0
    14      Low  10:35 AM     0.1   8:29 PM     Set  9:56 PM
    14     High   3:53 PM     6.9
    14      Low  10:41 PM     0.3

Su  15     High   4:12 AM     8.2   5:44 AM    Rise  8:38 AM      4
    15      Low  11:26 AM     0.0   8:28 PM     Set 10:37 PM
    15     High   4:48 PM     7.0
    15      Low  11:35 PM     0.3

M   16     High   5:06 AM     8.0   5:45 AM    Rise  9:50 AM      10
    16      Low  12:16 PM    -0.1   8:27 PM     Set 11:14 PM
    16     High   5:43 PM     7.2

Tu  17      Low  12:28 AM     0.3   5:46 AM    Rise 10:59 AM      18
    17     High   6:01 AM     7.8   8:27 PM     Set 11:48 PM
    17      Low   1:06 PM    -0.1
    17     High   6:39 PM     7.2

W   18      Low   1:23 AM     0.3   5:46 AM    Rise 12:06 PM      28
    18     High   6:58 AM     7.6   8:26 PM
    18      Low   1:56 PM    -0.1
    18     High   7:35 PM     7.3

Th  19      Low   2:18 AM     0.4   5:47 AM     Set 12:19 AM      39
    19     High   7:54 AM     7.3   8:25 PM    Rise  1:11 PM
    19      Low   2:46 PM    -0.1
    19     High   8:31 PM     7.4

F   20      Low   3:14 AM     0.4   5:48 AM     Set 12:50 AM      49
    20     High   8:51 AM     7.0   8:25 PM    Rise  2:13 PM
    20      Low   3:37 PM     0.0
    20     High   9:26 PM     7.5

Sa  21      Low   4:11 AM     0.4   5:49 AM     Set  1:22 AM      60
    21     High   9:47 AM     6.9   8:24 PM    Rise  3:14 PM
    21      Low   4:29 PM     0.1
    21     High  10:19 PM     7.6

Su  22      Low   5:07 AM     0.4   5:50 AM     Set  1:55 AM      69
    22     High  10:42 AM     6.8   8:23 PM    Rise  4:13 PM
    22      Low   5:20 PM     0.2
    22     High  11:11 PM     7.7


THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL- in time for the season opener of Fluke on Friday 5/25, Brinkman’s will have Gulp Products for $6/package from today to Friday. You save $1 per pack for this week. Hearing of large fish being seen by divers and also some big ones being caught and released already. Stop by and pick up some Gulp for your tackle bag.