Giving Thanks!

As I reflect on the past year and what I am thankful for, there are many things I feel should be shared. I’m very thankful that I have had the fortunate opportunity to follow my dreams and pursue goals to own my own business, even greater yet, a Bait and Tackle store which ties into my passion for fishing. I’m thankful the Brinkman’s provided me with guidance to get started with the business to grow what they had built for many years.

I am thankful for the loyalty of the customers who frequent the business and have provided very valuable insight into ways of growing and correcting potential downfalls. It’s been a great learning experience these first 10 months of running it, but feel that my plan is coming together nicely as a result of the input received.

I’m thankful to the Kosty family, Mr Kosty, Tray, Andre, Taylor, Marianne and Shannon, who have been integral in helping me run the business, supporting sales, providing great customer service and allowing for my family and personal time as well. Also to the rest of the staff, Kenny, Bill, my mother for her support and encouragement and my personal family for their support, I thank you!

Wishing all a very Happy Thanksgiving and hoping you have the time to spend with your family also and can take time to reflect on things you may be thankful for!


Fall Fishing At It’s Best!

The Fall fishing has kicked into high gear. Plenty of stocked trout being caught by the guys working the Pennypack creek in the non fished locations. Levittown Lake and Falls Township lake in Bucks County have recently been producing some nice bass. If anyone has trout reports from the lake, please let me know and I’ll share. Lots of Walleye being caught as well as Carp in the Delaware River and guys fishing Jersey lakes doing well with minnows. The Jersey Shore has blown up with Stripers the past few weeks. Average size fish have been landed between 35-45lbs and even 50’s. Bunker has been plentiful and live lining them has produced quality catches on the charter boats. When bait is scarce, the metal jigs are working well also. The night bite has been best on the beaches with 24-28 inch Stripers very common. Black fish season opens up to 5 fish beginning this Friday the 16th. We are well stocked with rigs and jigs for targeting this species as well.

Delaware Tide Charts 10/24-31

Here are the Delaware River tide charts for the last week of October:


des for Tacony-Palmyra Bridge starting with October 24, 2018.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

W   24     High   2:15 AM     7.4   7:21 AM     Set  7:00 AM      99
    24      Low   9:00 AM     0.4   6:08 PM    Rise  6:35 PM
    24     High   2:36 PM     7.5
    24      Low   9:29 PM     0.5

Th  25     High   2:56 AM     7.3   7:22 AM     Set  8:05 AM      99
    25      Low   9:43 AM     0.5   6:07 PM    Rise  7:09 PM
    25     High   3:14 PM     7.6
    25      Low  10:17 PM     0.5

F   26     High   3:38 AM     7.2   7:23 AM     Set  9:11 AM      98
    26      Low  10:26 AM     0.5   6:05 PM    Rise  7:47 PM
    26     High   3:52 PM     7.7
    26      Low  11:05 PM     0.5

Sa  27     High   4:21 AM     6.9   7:24 AM     Set 10:18 AM      94
    27      Low  11:10 AM     0.5   6:04 PM    Rise  8:31 PM
    27     High   4:33 PM     7.7
    27      Low  11:54 PM     0.6

Su  28     High   5:07 AM     6.8   7:25 AM     Set 11:24 AM      88
    28      Low  11:57 AM     0.5   6:03 PM    Rise  9:21 PM
    28     High   5:20 PM     7.7

M   29      Low  12:46 AM     0.6   7:26 AM     Set 12:26 PM      80
    29     High   5:59 AM     6.6   6:01 PM    Rise 10:19 PM
    29      Low  12:48 PM     0.6
    29     High   6:14 PM     7.6

Tu  30      Low   1:40 AM     0.6   7:27 AM     Set  1:22 PM      71
    30     High   6:57 AM     6.5   6:00 PM    Rise 11:22 PM
    30      Low   1:44 PM     0.6
    30     High   7:15 PM     7.5

Fall Fishing

FALL Fishing- stop by and see the new display geared towards the current and coming fall fishing. For the freshwater anglers, we have plenty of trout lures, CP Swing, Rooster Tails, Tsunami spinners and Power Bait as well as Butter, Wax, Mealy and earth worms. For the saltwater enthusiasts, we have restocked on the SP Minnow products and other surf plugs, ramped up on Seabass and tog rigs and adding more Sharkbite Bucktails tog jigs and Sea Bass teasers.

Heroes on the Water fishing

This past Saturday, Sharkbite Bucktails/Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle co sponsored a fishing event with Heroes on the Water at Falls Twp. Lake. South Jersey chapter Director George Daly and I were able to put this event together along with support from Mission Barbeque of Philadelphia who provided an outstanding lunch for the participants and Woolford bait and tackle sales who donated bait for the anglers. The Hal Brown corporation also donated fishing gear. Participants attending were from various branches of the service. Some.of the local Bass club participants also were present. Thanks for joining us Bob and Joe! Lots of fish observed jumping and a few bass were caught. Just great to see some smiles and give back to our veterans who have served for us.

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