Brinkman’s/Sharkbite Bucktails Catfish Tournament Flyer

Brinkman’s/Sharkbite Bucktails Catfish Tournament Registration begins tomorrow 8/1 at Brinkman’s Bait And Tackle. $10 Men/Women, $5 Kids up to 16.
1st Annual Catfish Tournament
Sunday August 26th 6AM-3PM
(Brinkman’s will open at 5AM for bait and tackle needs)
Weigh in is at the Linden Avenue Public Boat ramp starting at 11AM and up to 3PM. In the event of back up of entrants, all fish to be weighed in must be in line by 3PM cutoff to be entered. Access to scales can be from boat at docks or drive in to ramp parking lot. (Tent with sign will be in place)
Registration is $10/Angler for the men’s and women’s division and $5 for the kids up to age 16 division
Fish can be caught from bank or boat between the hours of tournament. All Catfish species are eligible. Full rules and Regs have been posted on Facebook and Brinkman’s website as well as hard copy posted within the store.
Raffle tickets will be sold the week prior to the tournament for a variety of prizes from the sponsors below.
Please visit the following businesses who have generously donated to this tournament:
Jimmy’s Timeout                 World of Animals Vet Hospital                     Gallo’s Seafood Liam’s Auto Repair                       Folsom Tackle Corp.                              Dagwood’s

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