New Additions and Fishing report

Brinkman’s proudly announces that we will be carrying plugs made by Ron Muccie, a local plug maker. Ron’s plugs are distinct in that he uses glitter to accent the paint on each plug. These are quality, handmade plugs for the river or surf and will be made in sub surface, surface, swimming and plug styles. When Ron has the first order completed I will be posting on Facebook that they are in the store ready for sale.

We have also partnered with Fortescue Baits to offer a “bloodworm” that is made and injected into a casing which will last for a very long time while fishing. The product is made from real bloodworms infused with blood and a proprietary blend of other items. These are available for $10 a package and a great alternative to live bait. Stop in and ask to see them.

On to the fishing- reports of Stripers in the river continue to grow. ( Fish Tales???…. ;)…..), Seriously. ……Heard of and saw the picture of a 31 inch striper caught near the Tacony Palmyra bridge this past week. Still lots of activity on the shorts down near the Commodore Barry bridge with guys catching up to 40 fish on a recent trip. Fish are still being reported down near the Salem area. Mike reported he caught a nice catfish yesterday at the Linden Ave ramp area. Fishing at Station ave access has been hit or miss with some reporting small Stripers being caught.  The Shad are starting to show up in Trenton with some pics shown of nice 3-7 lb fish landed. A bit further north, there have been sporadic reports of Shad showing up. Some days plentiful, others have been a bust. The same with the Lambertville area for reports. The shad are starting to show up in Easton PA as well.  Pennypack creek continues to produce nice size trout with some elusive large Palominos being spotted and sought after. Reports of Tiger trout have been called in. Many anglers have reported catching limits of trout on the Power Baits and spinners ( CP Swing/Rooster Tail and Tsunamis ).

For the Ocean/Salt Life crew- Ocean fishing has started to pick up with reports of nice size tog being caught on the Barb Gail out of Point Pleasant with Capt. Chris DeSantos. ( Yours truly will be out on the 30th targeting another personal best with tog on 4/30) Cod are being caught on the boats heading out to deeper waters. Some small stripers are being caught up in the Raritan Bay and some larger size fish being caught in the Hudson River. That’s all for now……..Catch ’em up guys and ladies!!!!


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