Trout Season Opens


Well we are having the worse weather that I have ever seen for the opening of trout season and the beginning of striper season. But that does not mean the fishing has not been pretty good. Trout opened on Saturday with very few people on the Pennypack. But for the guys I talked to they all did very well. I had some guys catching as many as 40 plus fish opening morning and doing just as well on Sunday and Monday. They restocked the creek again on Tuesday and again all going over are catching fish. I did see some pretty nice palominos and rainbows taken on bigger spinners and Pin’s minnows. Over all power baits, meal worms, wax worms, earthworms, C P Swings, Panther Martins, Rooster Tails, Trout Magnets and Berkeley trout worms were working the best. Yellow, pink, chartreuse and rainbows were the better colors. I also had pretty good reports from the Wissahickon and Levittown Lake with few reports from the canal and Core Creek.

Stripers on the river has picked up with smaller fish. From the airport down to the Bay tons of 12 to 20 inch fish are being picked up with bloodworms. Several guys took fresh bunker down catching a few of the bigger bass and some monster catfish. Paul way down river I seen a catfish close to 10 pounds. Todd who is getting out everyday has been posting several fish a day all under the 20-inch mark. Again he has been using bloodworms. Pete fishing at Petty’s Island has been picking up 10 or better fishes a day again with bloodworms. Anthony has been fishing up in the section of the river catching 5 to 10 fish each trip out with bloodworms with a mix of yellow and white perch mixed in. I have even heard of a few smaller bass hitting up at Trenton on shad spoons while dead sticking for shad. A few of the guys that plug these waters have been quite so I’m thinking again smaller fish with poppers and crankbaits. But that is a guess.

Shad fishing from Trenton up to Lambertville has been very good for most people. Here getting in the right spots means everything. Anthony up at Lambertville picked up a couple fish while watching one boat land a fish every 5 minutes. This also hold true at Trenton with several guys picking up 10 to 25 shad a trip with other catching 1 to 3 right next to them. One report back from Milford with these guys picking up the first fish a week ago.

The upper river has also been good for walleye fishing. At Lambertville and Lumberville guys have been catching fish 14 to 21 inches with minnows, twister tails, bucktails and deep crankbaits. The Art Museum is another spot the walleye fishing has been great with these guys picking up fish 12 to 18 inches with shad bodies, twister tails, spinners and spoons. Here also some smaller stripers are being caught mixed in with the first couple shad being caught with bigger darts.

Fall’s Township still quite slow with only one report from Jim who picked up a couple smaller bass fishing 4 inch power worms along the shoreline. He talked to one other fisherman hitting the upper end trolling spinner rigs tipped with nightcrawlers catching a few walleyes and pickerel. The shopping center lake a few smaller bluegills and bass with nightcrawlers and minnows. In the spillway of Core Creek a few white perch with lots of turtles starting to show up. One bass fisherman here in the upper end throwing crankbaits and spinner baits picked up a few 2 to 3 pound fish this past week. Ron hitting Struble Lake Having his first good day with yellow perch and crappies fishing smaller minnows and jigs. Jerry said the fishing on Marsh Creek died after this last cold spell but before was crushing big yellow perch with live minnows. Off the dam at Nockamixon guys are picking up some good largemouth and smallmouth bass with minnow, crankbaits and spinner baits. John with a down boat has been fishing here each weekend. A couple guys out to Green Lane doing well with bass, pickerel and crappies fishing along the roadway with different lures last weekend. They are also see several bigger pike cruising the shoreline but can’t get them to hit anything.

Jersey guys were quite this past week. Jerry still buying lots of minnows to fish his lakes in south jersey. He has been doing well with yellow perch, bass, crappies and pickerel. One fisherman on Elmer Lake this past week picked up a couple 3 to 4 pound bass fishing 7 and 10 inch power worms. Richie said plenty of pickerel on Lake Lenape with tons of smaller stripers and white perch in the river below the lake. Tom had a slow week this past week with the cold windy weather. He fished Lake Hapatcong a couple days catching a bunch of pickerel with spinners and jerk baits. No muskies or bass. Had a couple guys fish Union last week with little success. They hit the dam and different islands throwing pretty much everything in their box only to catch a few panfish and pickerel.

Saltwater reports are far and few between. I am hearing of tons of smaller stripers in the Raritan Bay on smaller shad bodies, bucktails, Gulp products and bloodworms. This is also holding true to most of the back bays and lower rivers. Now there are a bunch of bigger stripers just starting to enter the Delaware Bay according to a few netters. There is also a ton of shad and herring in the bay mixed in with the massive schools of bunker.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Please any report sends me an e-mail so I can attach to this report. Good luck, Bill

Billy, had a great couple days fishing the pennypack at axe factory road and welsh road. With spinners we landed close to 80 fish for the weekend with several nice 17 to 18 inch rainbows. One moster palimiano picked up by one of your neighbors a 21 inch over 5 pound fish. He caught this with a mepp;s spinner. Hope they keep puting in these nice fish. Terry

Fished up at Pine Road Saturday and really was suprized how few people were there. Went downstream in the deeper holes fishing spinners, jigs and minnows. We crushed fish all day long landing 2 rainbows over 20 inches. Your minnows are the trick fished with a spinner rig. Talk to you again this weekend. Hank


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