Trout Season Opens Saturday!!


Here are the raffle winners drawn from the meet and greet on Sunday. Thank you again to all that attended, hope you enjoyed some food and drinks and congratulations to the following winners. Please stop in to pick up your prizes. ……………………………… Winners will also be notified by phone. Frank Iovannone- Bass X St. Croix fishing rod, Skip Rosati- Penn Slammer fishing rod and Penn reel, Xavier Juarez- $25 Brinkman’s Gift certificate, Kathy Kelly- Quantum Black Hoodie, Lorey Howard- Quantum Hat, Molly Pawlowski- Gamagatsu soft side tackle bag, Sean Brown -Blue Sunbandit, Paul Schmidt- Teal Sunbandit, Joey Juarez- Tsunami Tuff Tip rod, Dave Fowler- Penn Hoodie, Steve Kuehng Tshirt and Hat, Jules Banyer- Five Star Fishing rod, Will Leder- Shore Master boat rod.

Well got the boat in for the first trip of the season. I fished about 4 hours on Tuesday hitting 4 of my better spots. Well I finished the day with 2 catfish bites but no fish. But was still good to get out on the water and make sure the boat was ready and to make sure the new puppy would stay in the boat. While putting in my boat one fisherman off the dock was pulling in a 4 pound catfish and when taking out the boat he was telling me about the 20 pound carp he lost due to line breaking.

Mike’s meet and greet weekend turned out to be a good time. I hope this is a sign of all the customers sticking with Brinkman’s Bait & Tackle. Plenty of winners all listed above picked up some nice prizes and there were plenty of hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn and soda for all. Again thanks to everyone for coming out.

Well some better weather has helped out the striper run but it seems to be all happening down river. From the airport south there have been plenty of 12 to 20 inch fish being caught with bloodworms. I have only known of a couple fish so far picked up with bunker and clams. I was up to Bristol early in the week to watch a fisherman land two 15 inch fish and then I sent a friend up the next day for him to catch two 12 and 17 inch bass. Again all caught with bloodworms. At the art museum they started to catch a few smaller stripers on shad bodies mixed in with some nice walleyes. Paul has been doing well on smaller stripers in the Delaware section of the river. Several guys back from Salem catching 10 to 20 fish with a mix of small stripers, white perch and channel catfish. The next best thing on the river should be the shad fishing at Trenton but since the last snowstorm I have not talked to anyone with a good report. But up at Lumberville I know one fisherman landing 17 walleyes this past week in several trips out. He has been doing everything with live minnows.

The youth trout day was quite a success this past Saturday. I had seen plenty of nice fish taken from Levittown Lake and a few monster fish taken from a few different streams. Most of these guys did best with mealworms, wax worms, spinners and power baits. The Pennypack is to be stocked this coming Friday.

Lots of different reports for carp on the Schuylkill River from the art museum all the way up to Gladwyne. One fisherman posting on Face book had several different styles of carp 10 to 15 pounds all caught with boilies and different homemade carp baits. I have been hearing of some big flatheads taken on the river also but I don’t know of sizes and where they were caught.

Penn Warner has still been very good for perch, crappies, pickerel and bass. Most of these guys have been fishing minnows, plastic worms, spinner baits, chatter baits and jigging metal. I again was up to Fall’s Township talking to fisherman all not doing a thing. Here the water is still in the low 40’s and only a few walleyes have been caught from the boats with live baits. Jerry on Marsh Creek had a couple good days catching one pound and better yellow perch with live minnows, nightcrawlers and spinner harness tipped with baits. He is also catching some pickerel mixed in. Nockamixon off the dam a few decent largemouth and smallmouth bass were taken with live minnows, deep and suspended crankbaits. Several kids fishing the hatchery down the street said the fishing has been dead so far. Only a couple bluegills with live worms.

Talked to a few guys catching catfish in the Neshaminy Creek in the Haunted Lane section. These guys have been doing best with nightcrawlers and chunked eels. Up at Hulmeville Road a few guys have been catching 3 to 8 pound carp with corn, cornmeal and different boilies. I talked to one fisherman on the Perkiomen catching a bunch of bluegills fishing smaller twister tails and crankbaits. He has been out looking for some bass with no luck.

Jersey reports have been slow coming in. Jerry fishing his different lakes along Routes 55 and 47 has been crushing pickerel, bass, crappies, perch and bluegills with live minnows, twister tails, plastic worms and spinners. Nothing big but plenty of action. Tom fishing Lake Hopatcong has been doing great with pickerel, bass and a musky here and there. Throwing Suick jerk baits, Whopper Ploppers and spinners has brought him the best success. One bank fisherman on Spruce Run has been doing well with perch and bass throwing 3 and 4-inch Senko worms along the shoreline. A couple different bass fishing on Manasquan Reservoir have been doing good fishing spinner baits, umbrella rigs and plastic worms. Here they are picking up some 3 to 5 pound fish.

Saltwater action with all the wind has been slow. I know of a few off shore trips planned but no reports from any resent trips. They are catching plenty of smaller stripers in all the inlets, rivers and bays fishing bloodworms and shad bodies. Here I have not heard of one bigger fish as of yet.

Well that is all I have for you. Trout season opens this coming Saturday so I hope to see everyone this week to stock up on bait and all your supplies. Bill

Talked to Mike this evening and he was talking about different tournaments coming up for catfish and stripers. He has posted them on the Face book page. He talked to people fishing Station Avenue and Salem catching some smaller stripers. He also talked about some cod being caught out of Belmar NJ.


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