Happy New Years!


Anyone that is thinking of fishing in January please come in this weekend and get your fishing license. Out machine will go down after New Years and talking to Mike it is going to take the state most of the month of January to get the machine hooked up and teach him how to use it. So please come in this weekend and get those licenses. So everyone also knows we will be closed on New Years, back in to work 8 to 5 on Tuesday and Wednesday. All sales will have to be cash with our credit card machine shut down till Mike takes over. Thursday if all goes as planned we will be closed to do the transfer with Mike being in for his first day on Friday. Hours will be on winter hours Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5 pm with Sunday 8 am to 4 pm.  Still going to be repairing fishing rods so before you put away for the winter take a look at the guides and if a problem bring in while I have plenty of time.  

Not much to report this past week with all this cold weather. But what the cold weather has brought in has been the start of ice fishing. Now local lakes may have save ice over this weekend. I did hear of a few guys out on Penn Warner catching perch, pickerel and crappies. Stone Tavern in Jersey had safe ice with guys doing well with yellow perch and pickerel. Now the best ice has been in all the Pocono Lake with these guys all doing well with pickerel, perch and crappies.

The next best thing if you can stand the cold has been the sea bass and cod fishing off shore. These guys I have talked to be limiting out with monster sea bass with some decent cod mixed in. Clams, strip mackerel and jigs working best.

A few guys headed out to the Susquehanna River still doing great on monster smallies if you can stand the cold. There is ice starting to form on the river so this may be done now or after this weekend. The upper Delaware also has been good but ice is keeping guys from using the ramps.

Well I hope to see as many guys in this weekend. If you get out good luck and I hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks for all the cards and bottles dropped off this past couple weeks. Bill


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