Happy Thanksgiving!!


I will be heading up state for buck season so there won’t be a report next week. And with the heavy winds all week long there is not too much to report this past week.

The shore has still been the hot ticket for stripers, sea bass and blackfish when the weather allows it. The Raritan Bay has been one of the hot spots for stripers mid 20 inch fish up to mid 40 pound fish. The most popular way of fishing has been snagging and dropping live bunker. But they are also doing great with big metal spoon, diamond jigs, bunker spoons, Mojo rigs and Umbrella rigs with tubes or shads. Frank was up Tuesday catching 17 bass with 4 fish limit all over 25 pounds. He did best with trolling Mojo rigs. Paul was also up on Tuesday catching 4 fish with one 52 inch 43 pounds jigging a 9-ounce Krock spoon. Off the beach at Sandy Hook Pete and his crew had a great weekend catching 8 bass up to 18 pounds, 7 bluefish up to 9 pounds and a bunch of junk fish. Bunker, mullet and diamond jigs were working best. Down off Barnegat plenty of bass and blue were caught with all these same baits. Here smaller fish up to mid 20 pound fish were also caught. A few guys off Atlantic City also had a few stripers 28 to 30 inches with Deadly Dicks fished on a teaser rig. Here also off the jetties plenty of smaller sea bass and blackfish with crab, jigs and strip clams. The best sea bass fishing is in North Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. In these waters sea bass up to 6 pounds are being caught with clams, squid, strip mackerel and chartreuse and white Gulp mullet. And the further north you go the better chance you have on cod and tilefish.

Several good reports on the upper Delaware River for smallies and walleyes. These few guys crushed bass and walleyes from Stockton up to Bull’s Island with live minnows, bucktails, Zoom Grubs and Rapala crankbaits. Now the numbers on smallies are dropping off but the fish that were caught were running 14 to 19 inches. Now fishing along the shoreline across from Bryan ramp Larry picked up 27 smallies and a 19-inch walleye fishing Monday evening. All the bass were 10 to 13 inches and all caught with minnows. Off the New Hope wing dam still some decent numbers of smallies hitting minnows, nightcrawlers and grubs.

The lower river has not changed much with plenty of catfish hitting bunker, chunked eels, chicken livers and nightcrawlers. Most of these fish have been running 1 to 4 pounds. Now there were a few bass picked up back in Dredge Harbor with live minnows, Senko worms and Zoom lizards.

Just talked to one fisherman that had a great week on carp on the Schuylkill River in the Gray’s Ferry section. Different boilies pop up and home made carp bait brought in fish up to 20 pounds. Same water Joe said the catfish and yellow perch are hitting nightcrawlers and chicken livers. Up above the dam the catfish crew said fishing dropped off big time this past week with the cold nights. Over the entire week 8 to 15 guys ended up with 17 catfish 1 to 7 pounds.

Only on report from the Pennypack with this fisherman catching 1 trout, 4 bluegills and a 6-pound carp fishing Roosevelt Boulevard. Corn and mealworms were his bait of choice. The fish hatchery was pretty good for 1 to 2 pound bass fishing live minnows for a few different guys. Core Creek still been very good for bass fishing the upper end with spinner baits, Senko worms and mid range crankbaits. Nockamixon bass fishing really picked up with 4 different reports. One fisherman off the dam picked up smallies up to 6 pounds with live minnows. His buddy fished up the lake a bit catching largemouth bass up to 4 pounds all with rubber skirted jigs tipped with brush hogs. Third report came from John who is still doing well off the docks with 12 to14 inch crappies fishing small tubes, twister tails and marabou jigs. Now the last guy did nothing on bass but drifting live minnows he picked up 11 pickerel up to 18 inches.

Jerry still doing well on his Jersey lakes with crappies, yellow perch, bass and pickerel fishing live minnows and twister tails on the different lakes off Routes 55 and 47. Richie picked up a couple 3 pound bass with 7-inch power worms on Lake Lenape with a bunch of pickerel. His buddies down the river are crushing stripers 18 to 26 inches with shad bodies and metal spoons. Batso Lake one fisherman did very well with pickerel, bass and perch fishing minnows, shiners and yellow twister tails. He talked to a fisherman that picked up pickerel up to 20 inches in some of the cut offs on the Mullica River with bigger CP Swings and Rooster Tails. Tom started back out for Muskies fishing the entire week on Lake Hapatcong fishing big spoons, jerk baits, big Rapala’s and bigger Whopper Ploppers. Six days of fishing he landed 6 fish 24, 27, 27, 30,31 and the big fish were 39 inches. He also picked up over 20 pickerel and 2 good size smallies.

I know it is a short report but that is all I heard. Lets hope this wind lays down to allow the boats to get off shore more often. Good luck, Bill


Fished the Cape May reef early in the week throwing all kinds of white and bunker shad bodies, 3 to 5 ounce metal spoons and even fished a dozen live eels. After 8 hours we caught 25 stripers without one keeper. The only keeper I seen caught was trolled up with a large deep crankbait and this fish was not much over 30 inches. Bob C.


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