Fisherman Magazine Update

The 2016 Thanksgiving holiday at the Jersey Shore was marked by epic bass on bunker blitzes at the Jersey Shore; with northwest winds in the forecast for Thursday and more westerlies on Friday, the conditions for 2017 are shaping up for a possible surfside sequel. Inshore boaters are turning to live bunker, while trollers are working Majas, mojos & plugs along the fence in hopes of a big score; surfcasters are tossing swim shads, topwaters, and swimmers, while also dunking a few bunker chunks along the way. A few bass are also taking live spot or eels in the backwaters of South Jersey. New Jersey and Delaware party and charter boats alike are on the hunt for black sea bass and tautog this weekend, with several double-digit whitechins reported throughout the region in recent days. This week we celebrate a uniquely American holiday with the family while giving thanks for nature’s bounty – with a little luck, perhaps we’re also celebrating with a bountiful little bite, by beach and by boat!


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