Stripers, Sea Bass and Blackfish!!


Another week out hunting myself with nothing to show for it. Winterizing the boat next week so my fishing will be done till next spring. Buck season will be here soon and with bear open the same week maybe here I will come home with something.

Sent out that little newsletter to put everyone minds at ease that that Brinkman’s Bait and Tackle will be around for many years to come. Thanks for the entire letter and replies on Face Book for our years of service. Once the change takes place I hope people will come in and introduce themselves and give the new guy insurance that he made a great purchase.

Less and less to report with the cooler and windy weather we had this past week. But the shore has been the hot spot with the Raritan Bay just full of stripers, bluefish and bunker. Now these bass have been ranging from 24 inches up to mid 40 pound fish. And they are being caught in so many different ways. Snagging and dropping bunker has been one of the most popular ways but jigging 5 to 9 ounce Krock spoons, jigging 3 to 6 ounce diamond jigs and trolling umbrella rigs, Mojo rigs, bunker spoons or Mann’s stretch 25 and 30 are working well also. Frank fishing in the Haitian picked up 17 stripers up to 32 pounds and 15 bluefish up to 12 pounds all with Mojo Rigs Sunday afternoon. Rich had a good day on Monday with 9 bass up to 37 pounds and lost count of bluefish up to 10 pounds with Krock spoons and diamond jigs. For everyone interested I received some gold diamond jigs in with 8/0 tubes. I had so many requests I special ordered. Now out front in the ocean striper bite has been just as good with some bigger fish. Here I saw a couple pictures of bass mid 30 pounds up to and over 50 pounds. These fish are mostly hitting Mojo Rigs and metal spoon.   Further down the coast the striper fishing slows up a bit with smaller fish. Now this does not mean there are no fish. Off Brigantine one fisherman picked up 4 bass on the north point with bunker and Deadly Dicks. Russ at Brick picked up 2 keeper bass both with Deadly Dick with an eel teaser rig. He said there were fish being caught here and there all day long. Down at Atlantic City one fisherman picked up several smaller bass in the back bay with SP Minnows and poppers. Cape May only one report of a 26-inch bass caught under the bridge with a 5 in Fin-S fish. Now off the beaches of New York and Connecticut tons of stripers and blues hitting metal, crankbaits, poppers and chunked bunker. I have had a few reports of 5 to 25 fish per man both off the shore and in boats. Now the sea bass fishing has been the next best thing and with black fishing opening again this week guys should be coming in with great reports. North Jersey all the way up to Massachusetts limits of 3 to 5 pound sea bass, blackfish 3 to 8 pound and even some cod are being caught on these trips.

Freshwater reports are lacking this past week. Penn Warner still hot for perch, pickerel and bass. Chuck and Jay still picking up a few perch with one nice walleye this past week all with minnows along the shoreline. Now a couple of the boat guys have been catching bass up to 4 pounds and plenty of pickerel 17 to 20 inches with minnows, crankbaits, spinner baits and jigs. Core Creek has also been very good for bass fishing live minnows and crankbaits. Jay had several days in double digits on largemouth bass fishing live minnows. Geri fished the upper end with Spro Little Johns catching a 3 ½ and 4 ½ pound bass early in the week. Jerry still doing well with smallies, pickerel and yellow perch fishing minnows in Marsh Creek.   He had one buddy fish Struble Lake Sunday all day only catching a few smaller crappies. Al and his son fished Green Lane Reservoir Sunday evening doing great on bigger crappies along the roadways. Minnows and smaller grubs working best.

Only one good report from the Pennypack with this fisherman catching 1 rainbow and a bunch of bluegills fishing mealworms and power baits above the Boulevard. One other report from the lower part of the creek with this fisherman catching a couple carp with corn and carp baits. He had 4 fish 9 to 14 pounds. Charlie took advantage of the nice weather on Tuesday and fished the Tohickon catching several smallies, rock bass and bluegills all with woven body nymphs. Charlie said by days end he had about 25 fish.

Several great reports from the Susquehanna from Duncannon down to Harrisburg. Sam drifting from Clemson Island down to Duncannon Monday picked up 75 bass and 3 walleyes all with minnows and twister tails. He said some fish were 4 pounds and better. Steve fishing the ledges at Duncannon with minnows, bucktails and salty spiders picked up over 200 fish this past week. Each day he caught 3to to 50 fish with minnows, Zoom grubs and top water plugs. Another fisherman down around the Statue of Liberty has been crushing fish with blade baits with smallies up to 19 inches.

Our upper river slowed down quite a bit with only a few guys doing well on smallies along the wall across from Byran. Drifting minnows and throwing grubs has brought these guys 25 fish a boat with most fish 12 to 15 inches. Down the river at the Stockton Bridge some good smallies and walleyes hitting minnows in the fast water above the bridge. And off the New Hope wing dam several nice bass are still being caught with live minnows. The lower river this past week was pretty much a catfish bite with guys picking up 2 to 5 pound catfish with bunker, shrimp, bagels and chicken livers.

Some great reports on carp in the Schuylkill River. These guys have been catching as many as 1 to 5 carp a day with fish 15 to 28 pounds. Boilies and different home made carp baits are working best for these guys. The catfish crew still catching plenty of 2 to 5 pound catfish with shrimp, chicken livers and nightcrawlers. Again no flatheads from these guys. Further down the river Joe said catfish, yellow and white perch and smaller stripers with nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bagels.

Jersey Lakes and rivers are really picking up for bass, pickerel, perch and crappies. Jerry fishing his bunch of lakes with minnows has been crushing perch, crappies and pickerel. Richie said still plenty of pickerel hitting in Lake Lenape with minnows, shiners, twister tails and spinners. Below the dam in the Egg Harbor River some decent yellow perch hitting grubs, shiners and grass shrimp. At the Sweetwater Casino one fisherman picked up 20 pickerel all with live minnows. These fish were 15 to 21 inches. Mixed in were a few smaller bass and crappies. John wrapped up on Union but could not pass up the good weather this past week so he headed back down. If 4 hours he picked up 11 pickerel and 2 bass all with twister tails, spinner baits and weedless frogs.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Good luck and get those reports in. Bill


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