Fisherman Magazine Update

Another couple of 50-pound class bass have been registered along the Northern and Central Jersey coast in the past week, as boaters continue to score on hot schools of bunker busting stripers. Filling the live well with bait has been the best bet for hitting up pods of harassed baits; surface plugs, swim shads and trolled offerings continue to score big catches as well. Surfcasters are running the coastal roads from Sandy Hook to IBSP chasing schools of fish with topwaters, while from Barnegat to Cape May and beyond it’s been primarily a bunker chunk or clam “stick and wait” game. In our November 8th video forecast we said “NW winds in the forecast throughout the day on Friday” could be “just what we needed to kick start the striped bass action” along the coast; our weather forecast for November 15th shows yet another round of gusting NW winds is expected through this Friday as well, which could put more fish on the move along their southerly migration. While it’s been a pick for many striper fishermen throughout the region, signs are there for a good dose of heavy-duty action in our forecast area this weekend. New Jersey tautog limits have gone up to six fish this week; in Delaware it’s a four-fish bag. Expect a few hogs in the reports as charter and party boats hit wrecks untouched in recent months.


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