Fisherman Magazine Update

Another good dose of bad weather to start the week leads way to NW winds in the forecast throughout the day on Friday; that could be just what we needed to kick start the striped bass action out along our eastern front this Veteran’s Day Weekend. Sunny skies forecast for the weekend ahead, with N/NE winds predicted on Saturday, and if the mid-week action is any indication you can expect the Raritan Bay to be quite crowded this weekend. More boats are getting on the bass out front, and surfcasters especially hope this week’s weather upheaval could put some more good fish at their feet from Monmouth County all the way to Cape May. A few jumbo black sea bass in the mix in the days ahead before New Jersey tautog limits go to six fish on November 16 (it’s a five fish bag limit in Delaware now through the end of the year). Get up and at ‘em early in the coming days, before the fleet arrives; it’s quite possible this overnight cold front will bring more than just high pressure and cold air, but very well could jumpstart the coastwide surge of stripers!


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