Fisherman Magazine Update

Following a wet and windy start to the week, November kicked off with what appears to be a fresh new body of fish arriving from the east with stripers of various sizes and age classes spread out through Raritan Bay this week. Wheeling and diving birds, small fish busting up top and bigger fish in the 40-inch and over range hugging the bottom gives good sign of the action to come for all during a season already two to three weeks late in kicking off. A 40-plus pound striper was plugged up along the Central coast on Saturday before first light, and while posting this week’s video forecast we learned of a new surf leader hitting the LBI Derby board on Wednesday with a 48-pounder on bunker (look up LBI Surf Fishing Classic on Facebook for details). Before the big blow on Sunday night, we had first-hand reports of bluefish to 23 pounds, while Dream Boat Fishing Challenge contending black sea bass in the 5-pound range have been coming from local wrecks and reefs (though as of last Saturday most boats were heading out to the 10 to 15 mile range to get away from the doggies). W/NW winds Friday expected to give way to E/NE into Saturday could push the bait around down local beaches; it’s been late to start, but there are plenty of options heading into the weekend if you line it up right.


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