TROUT In The Pennypack


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Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack Creek on October 10th.

Out Thursday for a bit of fishing in the morning and up a tree later in the day. I was on the river early fishing bunker, shrimp and chunked eels catching 20 catfish. Most were 1 to 3 pound but I did have one 6 plus pound fish. I also missed at least another 20 plus fish. Later in the day I hit the woods mid afternoon sitting till dark not able to get a shot. Now I did see 4 to 6 deer but nothing close enough to get a shot.

Salmon fishing in New York the past week has been on fire. Most guys are talking up plenty of fish 10 to 20 pounds hitting egg sacks, sponge and crazy eggs. A few steelheads are also being picked up in the same waters on salmon eggs and nightcrawlers.

Trout were restocked in the Pennypack this past Tuesday. And from talking to plenty of guys that went over they did a pretty good job. Most guys have been catching 3 to 20 fish a trip. Mealworms, wax worms, earthworms, small minnows, power baits, spinners and trout magnets working best. Further up the creek guys have still been doing well on smallies, rock bass and big bluegills fishing spinners, jigs and shallow crankbaits. There was also a 14-pound carp picked up by a trout fisherman at the Boulevard falls with a few pieces of corn. This fish was 31 inches 19 pounds.

Several guy over to Core Creek this past week looking for bass but not having much luck. There were a few smaller fish caught on plastic worms but that was it. Down in the main lake off the docks one fisherman looking for crappies said he could not keep the 3 to 4 inch white perch off his live minnows. John started picking up some better largemouth bass at Nockamixon fishing rattletraps, suspended crankbaits and slow rolling spinner baits in 15 to 35 feet of water. Over the weekend he picked up 11 fish between 2 and 4 pounds. He said if you fish the shallows with plastic worms and buzz baits plenty of 1 to 2 pound bass hitting. Marsh Creek has still been great for good size smallies; yellow perch and pickerel fishing live minnows in the creek beds. Jerry out last weekend catching over 50 mixed fish for the day. Penn Warner still pretty good for perch, pike and pickerel fishing live minnows, Whopper Ploppers and jigging metal. Now Chuck was in saying the bank fishing slowed up with just some perch hitting minnows along the shoreline.

Upper Delaware did come up a bit this past week with the rain but it is still running clear with lots of leaves and grass floating. But the smallmouth bass fishing has still been great from Yardley all the way up to the Water Gap. Several guys fishing off the New Hope wing dam did very good on smallmouth bass 1 to 3 pound with live minnows, stripers 15 to 24 inches with minnows, live eels and grubs and some catfish 3 to 8 pound all with live eels. Now drifting down from Stockton to Lambertville one fisherman picked up 49 bass, 5 stripers and a walleye this past Monday. He caught all these fish with live minnows. The drift guys had another good weekend catching 50 fish on Saturday and 73 fish on Sunday. This was a mix of bass, stripers, catfish and walleyes. These guys did well with minnows, spinners, tubes, Ned Rigs and grubs. Kevin said the Water Gap is on fire fishing late afternoons. Plenty of schools of shad and herring with tons of smallies feed all around them. He has been doing best with Yozuri Pin’s minnows; rattle traps and different top water plugs. Average afternoon has been 30 to 40 bass with a few stripers mixed in.

The next best smallmouth bass has been the Susquehanna River. Now I only have two different groups heading out but they both have been catching 50 to 75 smallies between 1 and 5 pounds. Minnows, grubs, tubes, crayfish, hellgrammites, grubs, poppers and shallow crankbaits have been working best. Clemson Island down to Duncannon has been the spot they have been fishing.

Schuylkill River has been another good spot to head for bass, walleyes, catfish, carp and stripers. Below the dam guys fishing bloodworms, nightcrawlers and bagels have been catching catfish, stripers and yellow perch. At the dam walleyes at night or early on the morning hours with minnows, shiners, shad bodies and twister tails. The catfish group is starting to drop off. The guys left picked up about 50 fish this past week with no flatheads. Up the river Ron had a good evening picking up 11 bass with top water plugs.

The lower river besides what I did have been pretties much catfish, stripers and white perch with bloodworms, bunker, shrimp, chicken livers and nightcrawlers. Several guys off Linden Avenue have been catching 5 to 10 stripers an afternoon with bloodworms but all have been 12 o 14 inches. Same with one fisherman below the Tacony catching 25 stripers and a bunch of catfish with bloodworms and shrimp. Did not hear a thing on largemouth bass this past week.

Saltwater fishing picked up with some nicer seas. Off the beach they caught quite a few nice kingfish and smaller blues off Wildwood with bloodworms and mullet. Up at Ventnor one fisherman had a blast with kingfish, small blues and even had a triggerfish with bloodworms and mullet. Some bigger blues (1 to 2 pounds) at Brick on metal and mullet. Off shore the tuna fishing has been very good and up north off shore some good numbers of bluefish hitting metal and chunked bunker. I even had one fisherman crush the false albacore trolling 10 miles out. All the guys fishing New York and above have been crushing giant sea bass and porgies with bloodworms, strip mackerel and clams. And from Delaware down into the Chesapeake Bay tons of spots hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites.

Jerry in his south Jersey Lake crushed the crappies, perch and pickerel this past week with minnows, Rapala’s and spinner baits. Richie said the bass bite has still been good for 1 to 2 pound bass fishing Senko worms, Jelly worms and Rapala crankbaits.

Well that is all I have for you this week. I will miss next weeks report with us heading up state for muzzleloader hunting. Bill

20” large mouth bass Dredge Harbour 10-6-17 Ron Kall

Hi, My name is alex dunetz. Local fisherman to montgomery county. I always read your report. Think I should start helping. Past week went to penny pack 2 days. Day 1 I caught a smallmouth, trout, blue gills, sunfish. 13 total all on warms. Just dug some up once I got to the spot. Day 2 at pennypack. Caught nothing. Very sad disappointing. Just started a new youtube channel. Exclusive outdoor channel. So I post updates there. But here is some photos from day 1.
Thank you for everything you do!!!!!  alex


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