Trout Stocking This Coming Week


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack Creek on October 10th.

Business Hours will change Monday October 2nd. Monday thru Friday 7 am to 6 pm. Saturday 7 am to 5 pm and Sunday 7 am to 4 pm.

With Anthony in the academy and Bruce away this past week I never did see any water. I did manage to sneak out a couple hours on Tuesday to get a bit of hunting in and was luck enough to shoot a big doe and hour into the hunt.

Upper river has still been the best fishing. Smallies, small stripers and catfish have been hitting grubs, minnows, spinners, Ned Rigs, Senko worms and all kinds of top water lures. Several guys fishing Lambertville up to Stockton have been catching 25 to 40 fish for a day of fishing. Minnows working better in the fast water with grubs working better in the slack water. Off the New Hope wing dams guys have been doing great with smallies fishing live minnows with stripers and catfish hitting live and chunked eels. The drift guys only had one day fishing from Frenchtown down to Bull’s Island catching 65 fish between 4 guys most all with minnows and spinners. Up at the Water Gap Kevin said the fishing has still been great in the late afternoons with the water warming up with the day’s sunshine. He has been doing best with grubs, tubes and popper. Average day he has been catching 20 to 35 fish. A few other fisherman out with fly rods throwing poppers, woven body nymphs and bead head have been catching 3 to 6 fish a day. Just talked to a wader in from Yardley landing 9 fish this morning all with live minnows.

Lower River seems to be picking up with tons of small stripers hitting bloodworms, chicken livers, poppers, spooks and crankbaits. Early in the mornings the bass fisherman have been doing great on rattletraps and deep diving crankbaits. Once light hits the water the fish drop down and start hitting bait. The evening guys have been doing best with rattletraps, shallow crankbaits, poppers and spooks around the sand bars and bridge abutments. Largemouth bass fishing over all has been slow with several guys out catching 1 to 3 fish a trip and most all the fish are small. Catfish have been hitting pretty much anything you put on the bottom. Chicken livers, shrimp, chunked eels, nightcrawlers and bunker have been working the best for fish 1 to 4 pounds. Now some bigger fish have been caught with live eels and bunker head for fish 4 to 8 pounds. Down around the Commodore Barry bridge a few different guys have been fishing bloodworms, live eels and chunked bunker catching 3 to 8 pound catfish and stripers 15 to 24 inches. The guys up the Raccoon Creek talked up a 37-inch striper he picked up last weekend with a live eel.

Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack this coming Tuesday. But I have talked to several guys fishing the upper part catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass, bluegills and even a trout here and there. Fishing mealworms, spinners, Senko worms and trout magnets most guys have been catching 5 to 15 fish a trip. Down in the creek below Torresdale Avenue one fisherman picked up 5 carp this past week 8 to 15 pounds all with corn. Hulmeville Fall has been pretty good on the Neshaminy Creek with guys catching bass, catfish, carp and even some small stripers. Nightcrawlers, minnows and corn working best. Down at Haunted Lane one fisherman with chunked eels picked up a dozen catfish 2 to 5 pounds. And a few guys picked up a bunch of small bass, rock bass and bluegills fishing small grubs, spinners and different top water lures on the Perkiomen Creek.

Levittown Lake one fisherman picked up some bluegills and crappies fishing live minnows and small marabou jigs. Core Creek again just small white perch with minnows, mealworms and small jigs. Penn Warner pretty good for bigger white and yellow perch, bass and pickerel fishing live minnows, jigging metal and plastic worms. Chuck and Jay fishing live minnows along the shoreline and off the docks have been catching plenty of big perch. Fall’s Township I have mixed reports. Several different guys were up over the weekend not catching a fish. Jim was up a couple mornings catching a couple small bass each trip with plastic worms. Another fisherman up with live minnows catching a couple pickerel and one small pike Monday afternoon. The last guy did pretty well with his son fishing mealworms and small twister tails on bluegills. Jerry up at Marsh Creek had a pretty good day with smallmouth bass and pickerel fishing minnows, spinner baits and plastic worms. Harry picked up a bunch of good size crappies with shiners, trout magnets and twister tails fishing the bridges on Green Lane Reservoir.

Now the Jersey freshwater fishing has really picked up with the cooler nights. Jerry started fishing his ponds along Route 47 and 55 catching pickerel, yellow perch and crappies with minnows, plastic worms and twister tails. Richie did well on largemouth bass Tuesday evening fishing lizards off the docks. Nothing big but he was happy not to be only catching pickerel. The rest of the week it was only pickerel on Lake Lenape. Tom picked up a nice 37 inch musky this past week on Lake Hapatcong fishing a big Delve spoon. He also picked up a bunch of pickerel, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass during the week with spinner baits, jerk baits, Whopper Ploppers and Zara Spooks. Manasquan Reservoir largemouth bass fishing was good over the weekend fishing 7 and 10-inch power worms, spinner baits and rubber skirted jigs tipped with different rubber trailers. Mercer County Park one fisherman picked up 4 pickerel and a small bass fishing live minnows. Tim and his buddies picked up a few snakeheads fishing rubber frogs and jigs tipped with rubber frogs on Newtown Lake and the Cooper River. They also had one fisherman pick up a 29-pound carp fishing bagels looking for catfish. John had a couple great mornings for largemouth bass and pickerel on Union Lake fishing top water frogs, spinner baits and floating worms on top of the pads.

Saltwater reports have been slow. One fisherman did real well on kingfish, croakers and spots fishing bloodworms in the Wildwood area. Up off Ventnor one fisherman with mullet picked up 7 bluefish 1 to 2 pounds Tuesday afternoon. Further up the coast plenty of 1 to 6 pound bluefish hitting mullet, spearing and metal spoons. Now the best saltwater fishing has been down in the Chesapeake Bay and off the Delaware shoreline for spots, croakers, big white perch and smaller stripers. These guys have all been fishing bloodworms and Fish Bites. And up north off New York and Massachusetts coast the porgy, sea bass, cod and tile fishing has been extremely good. These guys are all using top and bottom rigs with clams, strip mackerel and strip squid.

Well I wish I had more for you but the season is slowing up. But these best surf fishing and striper fishing is yet to come. Bill


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