Fisherman Magazine Update

Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria have made a mess of things to our south, and they haven’t done much to help our offshore action to the east either. Heading into the final weekend of September though, it looks like we’re set to get back on track with the fall run of yellowfin at the edge as seas are finally beginning to subside. A tad closer inshore we had reports of bluefin about 15 miles east of Manasquan earlier in the week, while a mix of false albacore and bonito are keeping anglers busy just outside. Weakfish reports from the Raritan Bay down to the Delaware have light tackle anglers digging into their supply of plastics, and a livewell full of peanut bunker can help with the effort (handfuls at a time tossed around structure to put those weakies on the feed or livies rigged on jigheads.) The problem with weakfish – like blackfish in New Jersey right now – is the one fish bag limit; but in terms of action, it’s been pretty good, and the jetties and sod banks have been yielding some good action with both species if you hit it right. Blowfish in the back bays while anchored up is a good bet for the weekend ahead, while the bluefish jigging gets underway for many of the party boats along the northern coast. Sea bass is still closed in New Jersey and Delaware until October 22, but at least Delaware anglers can still target a few summer flounder at the local reef sites as these fish continue with their trek east.


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