Another good week for Smallies


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information.

Trout will be restocked in the Pennypack Creek on October 10th.

Business Hours will change Monday October 2nd. Monday thru Friday 7 am to 6 pm. Saturday 7 am to 5 pm and Sunday 7 am to 4 pm.

Fishing reports are coming in less and less. Fall is coming in and several guys are in the woods hunting now that I will start doing in the next week or so. I did hit the river on Wednesday and had a pretty good day. The river is crystal clear and getting lower by the day. But I was still able to get my boat as high as the Stockton Bridge. Fishing mostly grubs we picked up 32 bass and 2 catfish. Minnows were working but the wind crossing the river made it much easier to fish grubs. Watermelon, watermelon red and chartreuse black was working the best. One bank fisherman with crayfish I watch picks up about 8 fish right below the Stockton Bridge. He did have a few bigger fish with the bigger baits. A few other boat fishing around us were doing well also with grubs, Ned rigs and Senko worms. The drift guys over the weekend did great. With minnows, grubs and spinners they picked up over 100 fish on Saturday and 75 or Sunday. They fished Frenchtown down to Bull’s Island. Off the New Hope wing dam Steve had a good afternoon on Sunday catching 5 bass, 2 stripers and a 6-pound catfish. He caught most these fish with minnows. Another fisherman off the wing dam picked up a couple 24 to 30 inch stripers fishing live eels and poppers. Down at Yardley another fisherman picked up a bunch of smaller bass, smaller stripers and catfish with minnows, grubs, spinners and poppers.

Now the lower river has still been great for catfish fishing bunker, clams, nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bagels. Most of the fish have been running 1 to 4 pounds. There have been a few bigger fish but nothing monster. No flatheads in the Delaware this past week. Now there are tons of smaller stripers hitting bloodworms, chicken livers, crankbaits and poppers. Most of these fish have been hanging off the sand bars and around the bridges. Rick had a couple good nights fishing poppers, spooks and rattletraps catching 12 to 17 inch stripers below the Tacony. Further down the fisherman in the Raccoon Creek said the stripers started to hit again on smaller eels and bloodworms. This past week he caught over 30 stripers and 25 catfish. The cats were 4 to 9 pounds and the stripers 21 to 32 inches.

Lake reports were slow this past week. One fisherman on Levittown thinking they stocked trout had a fair day on smaller crappies and bluegills on trout magnets, marabou jigs and smaller minnows. But no trout. One trout fisherman did pick up a few rainbows above Pine Road with nymphs and bead heads. He also caught a bunch of bluegills and rock bass. John up at Nockamixon said this past week was off with all the warm weather coming back in. He fished 3 days only catching a dozen bass over all with all the fish under 14 inches. Small buzz baits and 4-inch power worms were working best. Penn Warner still fair with perch, crappies and pickerel hitting minnows along the shoreline. Denny was up the other day catching one decent bass on a plastic worm. Rodger had a great afternoon catching a 19 and 17-inch smallmouth bass fishing jig tipped with beaver tails. Core Creek was just a few perch down in the spillway with smaller minnows and trout magnets.

Now the Schuylkill River has been good all up and down. I had several guys talking up plenty of carp 14 to 24 pounds on different carp baits, boilies and corn. The catfish group picked up plenty of 2 to 6 pound channels and whites with shrimp, chicken livers, nightcrawlers and chunked perch. They did catch a 17, 21 and 24 pound flatheads this past week all on live bluegills. Down at Gray’s Ferry Joe said there are still plenty of catfish, yellow perch and smaller stripers on chicken livers, nightcrawlers and bagels. Ron still doing pretty good on smallies up at Norristown fishing grubs, Senko worms and spinners. Nothing big but decent numbers.

Saltwater reports have been slow with all the storms off shore keeping most of the boats close to home. Now there have been some smaller blues hitting off the beaches and jetties with mullet, mackerel and metal. Down south a few croakers and spots hitting bloodworms. Tons of good size spots hitting off the beaches of Delaware and in the Chesapeake Bay with bloodworms and Fish Bites. And for the few boats that are getting out off New York and Massachusetts some good sea bass and porgies hitting bloodworms, clams and strip mackerel.

Mercer County Park I had one fisherman do pretty good with pickerel fishing live shiners under a bobber. He was hoping for bass but only caught pickerel. Richie got out for the first time since spring on Lake Lenape doing well with pickerel fishing plastic worms and Rapala’s. The last report I heard was a fisherman fishing the Raritan River looking for smallies but only had luck with a few catfish and bluegills.

Well that is it for the week. Don’t forget our hours change Monday this coming week! Bill

Headed up Thursday night 9/14/17 to my uncle’s house on Black Lake in Ogdensburg, NY.Fished most of Friday and Saturday on the lake.We caught Large Mouth, Small Mouth, Pike, Walleye, Peach, Rock Bass & Sun Fish(brought home some big sunfish fillets).Very shallow lake and lots of weeds. The scum frogs and particularly the double bubble worked the best.I can’t take credit for any of the bigger fish my brother Tim crushed it.


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