Fisherman Magazine Update

One week after Harvey captured national attention, coastal residents are now looking at another monster storm arriving in the Southeast in the form of Hurricane Irma. While thoughts and prayers are with friends and family in Florida, South Carolina and throughout the Island, New Jersey anglers are justifiably incensed at the regulatory storm created by the black sea bass and fluke closure over the Labor Day Weekend. This week’s video forecast for September 7-11 comes from outside the Stafford Township Municipal Building where a standing room only crowd is expected for Thursday after at 4 p.m.; we’ll have more from this meeting later this week at As for the weekend fishing forecast, while Hudson to Baltimore swells are intensifying (4 to 7’s building 6 to 10 by Monday), the inshore striper action is coming alive with live eels scoring fish in the northern region as well as up the Mullica River, while big blues are on the prowl in Barnegat Bay and spike weakfish are feasting on peanuts from the Raritan down into Cape May County. Coastal party boats are mixing it up with bluefish, ling, bonito and porgies where available, while Delaware anglers continue fishing for fluke and sea bass while scoring a few good sheepshead at the walls and rockpiles.


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