Good Smallmouth Bass Fishing Still On


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Only had one day off this week and I took advantage and headed up to Lambertville. River was a bit higher than I liked and a bit off color but still was a great day to fish. I started up at Stockton hitting all my main spots. It took me a couple hours to find the fish right up against the bank between the rock pile and the 202 bridges. 6 hours of fishing I ended up with 33 smallies and 1 catfish. Most of the fish were on grubs but I also did very well with minnows. Several guys fishing the wall just below the ramp catching a few catfish and 8 to 10 inch smallies with worm, minnows and spinners. One other air boat fishing above Stockton told me they picked up about 25 bass, 2 walleyes and a few smaller stripers fishing jigs, tubes and spinner baits. Now further up Kevin said the rain has had the Water Gap a hit or miss place this past week. He has been catching 5 to 10 bass an evening most on top water lures along the shoreline.

Now the lower river has been fair for catfish, carp, perch and smaller stripers. The stripers and perch have been crushing bloodworms if you want to pay the money for these fish. Catfish has been best with shrimp, bunker, chicken livers, chunked eels and nightcrawlers. Down at the Raccoon Creek this fisherman picked up stripers 22 to 31 inches and catfish 4 to 9 pounds with live eels, bloodworms and chunked bunker. He said this past week the real big stripers have left the upper part of the creek. Couple different bass fisherman picked up some smaller bass back in Dredge, Tullytown and Warner cove. The fish hitting plastic worms, lizards and smaller jigs.

Core Creek has not changed with just some smaller white perch and bluegills hitting in the main lake on small jigs, mealworms and smaller minnows. In the spillway just a few smaller perch and all the snapper turtles you could want with minnows and mealworms. Now the upper end I had one bass fisherman pick up an 18 and 16-inch bass both with floating plastic worms. John up at Nockamixon is still doing pretty good on 1 to 2 pound bass fishing buzz baits and plastic worms either in the pads or just outside. He has not had a decent bass in over a month. And he said most everyone has been doing fair with smaller bass, perch, crappies and bluegills fishing off the docks with smaller minnows, twister tails and spinners early in the mornings. Not sure of the name of the lake but a customer just picked up bigger minnows talking about some muskies on a bigger lake just above Nockamixon. Shopping Center Lake was off this past week with two different reports of just smaller bluegills with mealworms. But a few guys hit Silver Lake catching a few catfish and carp with worms and corn. Magnolia still pretty god for smaller bass on shallow crankbaits, smaller spinner baits and 3 and 4 inch Senko worms. FDR Park several guys were down over the weekend catching plenty of bluegills, smaller bass and even a couple snakeheads. One fisherman down in Tinicum Park picked up a few bass with plastic worms and spinner baits.

Schuylkill River has still been good all up and down. Joe down below the dam has been doing great with catfish, yellow and white perch and plenty of smaller stripers. The stripers and white perch hitting bloodworms and chicken livers the best. The yellow perch and catfish hitting nightcrawlers and stink bait the best. Just under the dam one fisherman Tuesday evening picked up a few smaller walleyes and stripers with 3-inch sassy shads. Up at Gladwyne several great reports with catfish with a few flatheads mixed in. The group this week picked up over 100 channels and 1 24 pound flathead. Another fisherman in the same water picked up a few 15 to 22 pound carp on his homemade carp baits. One fisherman below the bridge just above Gladwyne had a great afternoon catching 16 smallmouth bass, 14 catfish and even had a 17-inch walleye. All these fish were picked up with live minnows. Ron still doing well wading Norristown and Reading catching smallies on grubs, spinners and trout magnets.

Tom fishing several days this past week on different Jersey lakes. First day on Spruce Run catching some smallies and crappies along the dam with grubs and Senko worms. Next he headed to Round Valley where he wished he stayed home. This day was windy and they could not control their drifts and was too hard to troll. The next day after talking to me he went down and fished Union Lake. Here he did very good fishing weedless frogs, buzz baits and Whopper Ploppers on largemouth bass and pickerel. He said he landed over 25 fish before lunch. The last day he headed back to Union but found the fishing different. After spending a couple hours fishless he moved out into deeper water fishing jigs tipped with rubber skirts to catching a few smaller bass but had a 26-inch striper. Rough week fishing. John last weekend said the fishing dropped off on Union but still managed to land a dozen or so pickerel on 4 inch yellow twister tails. His one buddy the week before caught a 21 inch largemouth bass just under 6 pounds with a 10 inch purple plastic worm. Mercer County Park a few guys did well with smaller pickerel fishing live minnows. Same with one fisherman on Sicklerville pond catching 12 small pickerel with minnows and spinners.

Saltwater fishing has been pretty good for most guys. Anthony fishing in the big flounder tournament said the big 5 fish were 8 to 12 pounds. Plenty of 3 to 8 pound fish were also weigh in for bragging rights. He said all three days were good for catching keepers along the Cape May reef. Frank fishing the old grounds had a great weekend with fish up to 9 pounds all with bucktails and Gulp grubs. One fisherman at the Barnegat lighthouse said there has been over a dozen 10-pound flounder caught this past month. Now he has been catching his limit each trip but only fish up to 6 pounds. Here bucktails, gulp grubs and mullet with live snapper blues have been working best. Now In the Atlantic City back bays plenty of smaller sea bass, small flounder and even a couple weakfish were caught this past week. Squid and gulp mullet working best on a bucktail or jig head. King fishing has been a mixed bag good one day and not the next. But a few croakers are showing up in the Delaware Bay and along the coast of south jersey. Up north some blues have been caught off shore 1 to 3 pounds with metal and bucktails. And there seems to be lots of snapper blues showing up with all the small metal I sold this past week. This past week the Chesapeake Bay picked up with lots of decent size spots, croakers and perch. These fish hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites. And up off New York and Connecticut some good size sea bass and croakers hitting clams, bloodworms, squid and Gulp mullet.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Looks like a great weekend coming up so I hope everyone is able to get out and do a little fishing before summer comes to an end.



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