Summer Heating Up!!


Anyone interested with our store up for sale this is the web sight with all the information. Please share with anyone that may be interested.

Quick update of the sale of the store. We have a few different offers this past week and both are going to keep it a Bait and Tackle store. So that is some great news for the future. Again Bruce, Helen and myself will be there till the end of December.

Sorry about missing the report last week. When I’m away it takes me several days to get the store back in shape with orders, restocking and may other things. Will be good this week and next and then I will be taking another week up state.

On vacation I was able to get out on the river one day. We took our new canoe and drifted from Hankins down to Callicoon. Now this was more of a pleasure cruise but I did take a few casts with Zoom grubs. In 4 hours I picked up 15 smallies and 1 rock bass. I saw hundreds of dead buck shad all over the bottom or the river. This happens every year after they spawn. I also saw a yellow perch that was close to 2 pounds swim right under the boat. The rest of the week I hit our pond for some really slow fishing. With trout magnets I was able to pick up a bunch of really small bluegills, perch and crappies. This past week Helen and I got out with then new pup on the lower river. In 4 hours we picked up 20 catfish 2 to 4 pounds. All caught with shrimp. We were thinking of heading up the river for smallies but getting up early I found out Helen was sick all night so we passed till next week.

Now the lower river has been great the past week for mid size catfish. John was out over the weekend picking up all the smaller fish you wanted with the tournament he was in a 5 plus pound winner. Fishing with chicken livers John also picked up more 12 to 14 inch stripers than catfish. Vince was out with his wife fishing bunker and nightcrawlers. That evening they boated 42 catfish, 4 white perch and 2 small stripers. Al and his crew were up fishing Burlington Island with bunker and clams catching catfish up to 8 pounds and plenty of 12-inch stripers. It seems everyone fishing off Linden Ave dock has been catching 1 to 4 catfish with nightcrawlers and bunker. And down at Princeton Ave one fisherman did catch a 31-inch striper Monday evening on a live white perch. ]

Now if you’re looking for bigger stripers the upper river is still great from Trenton up to the Water Gap. One fisherman between Fireman’s eddy and Lambertville has been catching 10 to 15 bass each trip. These fish have been 24 to 32 inches hitting live eels the best. Another fisherman drifting live perch right below the Burlington Bristol Bridge has been catching a few bass 24 to 26 inches. Up in the bridges at Trenton several guys fishing live eels, perch, poppers and crankbaits have been catching 3 to 6 stripers up to 30 inches. At Portland at night a few stripers 26 to 30 inches have been hitting poppers, rattle traps and live eels. Kevin at the Water Gap said each heavy rain turns the stripers on to poppers and shallow jerk baits. Last week alone he caught 17 fish up to 36 inches. He talked to one fisherman that landed a 41-inch fish 2 Fridays ago caught on a live eel.

Smallmouth fishing from Washington’s Crossing all the way up the river has been great. JR has been catching 25 to 50 fish each trip out with live minnows and Zoom grubs. Chuck fishing out of Stockton picked up 14 bass, 2 walleyes and a nice pike all with live minnow. Frank at Lambertville picked up 10 bass, 2 walleyes in less than an hour just before his motor crapped out. Scott and Bryan were fishing the drift from Frenchtown to Byran catching 47 bass on Friday and 56 on Saturday all with live minnows. Kevin when not striper fishing at the Water Gap has been landing 20 to 30 fish each morning with shiners, crayfish, grubs, top water lures and spinners. Another great spot for smallies has been the Susquehanna River. All these guys have been catching 50 or better each trip. Difference here is most of the fish are 14 to 18 inches. Minnows, crayfish, hellgrammites, grubs, top water lures and spinners working best. Best spots have been from the Turnpike up to Sunbury.

Penn Warner still quite slow over all. Just some perch and crappies hitting minnows, jigs and spoons along the shoreline. A few of the better bass fisherman said it has been dead since the real hot weather. Core Creek also quite slow with only a few perch hitting mealworms and trout magnets. The shopping center lake late Saturday evening the landscaper picked up 7 bass with a small jitterbug. He said all these fish were 6 to 10 inches. Several guys fishing Magnolia Lake said plenty of small bass hitting spinner baits, small crankbaits and plastic worms. Most of these fish are 10 to 12 inches. John up at Nockamixon also said the fishing slowed up. He is still catching 10 or better bass with weedless frogs, Snag Proof weedless lures, 3 inch Senko worms and Mann’s minus 1 crankbaits. But most of these fish have been a pound or less. His buddies down in Galena quite fishing due to how bad it has been. The only report he had from this lake is one fisherman catching to 6 catfish a night with live bluegills, chunked herring and chicken livers. These fish have been 3 to 8 pounds. Tom took a trip out to Blue Marsh to find it quite slow. Fishing lures all up and down the lake for the entire day on Sunday he boated 2 largemouth bass, 1 pickerel and 15 bluegills. The hatcheries down the street have been pretty good for bluegills and catfish for the kids. Helen and I put a dozen cats in the second pond from Linden Avenue. These fish have been hitting earthworms, mealworms and bread balls the best. A couple guys fishing Given’s Pond picked up some nice crappies fishing live shiners and small jigs. Numbers of 12 to 15 fish up to 13 inches were what they caught.

Now some of the streams have been a good place to head. Here you can beat the heat by wading around. The upper Pennypack from Pine Road north has been great for smallies, largemouth bass, bluegills and rock bass. Minnows, nightcrawlers, 3 inch Senko’s, Rebel crayfish and crick hoppers, small top water lures and spinners are the best lures. Charlie has been fishing the lower part of the Tohickon catching some monster bluegills with Yozuri Pin’s minnows, 3-inch Senko’s and spinners. He said some of these fish are close to a ½ pound. The Perkiomen is another great creek to fish. Some of the better spots are behind the prison, Collegeville and from Route 73 down to the Skippack. A few guys fishing the Neshaminy Creek said plenty of rock bass and bluegills hitting anything small in the water. These guys are out looking for smallies but only the panfish are biting.

Saltwater action has been quite a mixed bag. Anthony fished the Duke of Fluke last week coming in 5th place with 15 pounds of fish. Winner was 25 pounds for a 5 fish limit. Big fish here was only 6 plus pounds. Now Antony said bigger fish and more fish were hitting on Friday. They had over 25 pounds for 5 fish that day. Some of the better fishing has been the Cape May Reef and the Old Grounds in the Cape May area. Further north some good fish are being picked up out of Barnegat and Brielle. It seems all up and down the bigger bucktails with a 4 to 6 inch Gulp mullet or grub as a teaser is catching the most and biggest fish. In the Wildwood, Atlantic City and Margate sections of Jersey the king fishing has been on fire. Dick has been catching 30 to 50 fish each trip out with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Most everyone else is doing as well. Now in these same waters some great brown shark fishing at night with fish 4 to 7 foot caught on kingfish heads, mackerel and bunker chunks. And still a few decent stripers reports coming out of the Raritan with these fish hitting Mojo Rigs and umbrella rigs with shad bodies. Nothing monster but plenty of 20 to 30 pound fish with a mix of 6 to 12 pound bluefish. Seeing plenty of pictures of Benn Scholl and his father doing great on tuna. Not sure where they are at or what they are using but it seems plenty of fish 30 to 80 pounds. Also had one fisherman out on a two-day trip out of North Carolina crushing big grouper with a big mix of other bottom fish. Up in Massachusetts they are still crushing big porgies and sea bass off shore. These guys have been coming home with coolers of fish. And down south in the Chesapeake big perch, spots and smaller stripers hitting well on bloodworms, Fish Bites and even a few guys have been doing well with small bucktails and Gotha lures.

The Schuylkill River has been another pretty good spot all up and down the river. Felix has been crushing carp 20 and 30 pounds with boilies and all different kinds of his home made carp baits. Sam and his crew have been fishing down below center city catching catfish, carp, perch and plenty of smaller stripers with bloodworms, nightcrawlers, chicken livers and different carp baits. Joe said plenty of catfish, perch and small stripers hitting in the Grey’s Ferry section of the river. Nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bagels working best. Ron up above Norristown has been doing well with smallies, bluegills and rock bass with live minnows, spinners and different jigs. The Gladwyne crew catching 10 to 30 catfish each night with chunked bunker, chicken livers and shrimp. They also landed 4 flatheads this past week 23 to 27 pounds with bluegills and live eels. And up at Reading a Penn State student dropped me a line on how good the bass fishing has been with Rooster Tails, floating plastic worms and zoom grubs.

My Jersey guys have been slow with reports. Jerry still doing very good on Elmer fishing live minnows catching pickerel, bass and crappies. Richie said Lake Lenape really dropped off with only smaller bass and pickerel hitting late in the day on Slug-O’s, jerk shad and smaller Rapala lures. Manasquan Reservoir for one group of fisherman was pretty good for bass fishing rubber skirted jigs tipped with all kinds of rubber products. And one fisherman in Stone Tavern had a great evening on largemouth bass late Tuesday evening. Fishing black Jitterbugs, Zara Spooks and buzz baits he landed 7 bass and 11 pickerel. Bass ranged from 14 to 17 inches.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Weather has been hot but it looks like there will be a break in the weather for next week. Don’t forget to get those reports to me. Bill

Love your report!!! My son and I fished Neshaminy Creek yesterday near Brownsville Bridge. Caught over 50 sunnies, blue gills and a few rock bass!! Sunnies Very aggressive on trout magnets as most guarding nests Saw some bass and carp but not interested. Had 2 Vizslas!! Great dogs!! Cheers Gene


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