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Only had one day to fish having to work and make time for picking up the new store puppy. I was out on Tuesday early hitting the river from Tacony Bridge up to the Burlington Bristol Bridge. Fishing shad strips, bunker and bloodworms Joe and I boated 20 to 30 catfish, 1 striper and 2 white perch. Fishing was steady all morning long with one of the nicest days I have fished in many years. For those interested the puppy is 8 weeks old, name of Shea and will be in the store all weekend.

The only great striper reports I’m getting are coming out of Trenton. These few guys fishing up in the bridges and down to the Route 29 bypass have been catching 12 to 25 stripers a trip fishing smaller eels and live white perch. The ones that stay through the night are catching fish with poppers, crankbaits and shad bodies. Most of these fish have been 22 to 34 inches.

Further up the river the smallmouth bass fishing has been really good. Fishing from Washington’s Crossing up to the Water Gap most guys have been catching 10 to 40 fish each trip out. Minnows have been the hot bait but grubs, spinners and top water lures are also working well. Kevin at the Water Gap has been doing very well but said the river has been going up and down and that has affected the numbers. But most days he has been catching 15 to 25 fish with minnows and Zoom grubs. Tom was up to New Hope catching a few bass but crushed the big catfish with chunked baits and minnows. Off the New Hope wing dam one fisherman picked up several 13 to 15 inch smaller but was happy landing 3 stripers 26 to 31 inches with large minnows and Rebel minnows. He also had one small walleye. A few of the drift guys picked up 20 to 30 fish from Upper Black Eddy down to Bryan. Again minnows were their hot bait.

Core Creek a couple different reports and none are good. One fisherman worked the lake up and down from shallow to deep water without a single hit. One other fisherman off the bank fished crankbait and spinner baits in the back end where I hear they have been doing well without a single hit. The last in the spillway fishing smaller minnows not able to keep the snapping turtles off his line and only picked up a couple smaller white perch. Penn Warner slowed up for the bass, pike and pickerel yet the perch and crappies have been hitting well on minnows, twister tails and spinners. Fall’s Township Jim picked up several smaller bass with 4-inch power worms in 12 to 25 feet of water. He had seen several crappies and bluegills hitting worms and mealworms. The ponds down the street have been pretty good for bluegills and catfish fishing with nightcrawlers and mealworms. One fisherman up above Pine Road had a couple good days with bigger bluegills, rock bass and smallies fishing live minnows, spinners and Rebel crayfish. Several guys are starting to hit the Perkiomen Creek doing fair with smallmouth bass but find tons of rock bass and bluegills hitting smaller minnows, spinners, small crankbaits and smaller top water lures. Charlie worked his way up the Tohickon one afternoon doing pretty good with rock bass, bluegills and even picked up a small pike all with Rapala’s and spinners. Three different reports back from Nockamixon and only one were good. This was the local fisherman catching smaller bass with buzz baits, jitterbugs, 3 inch Senko worms and Chatter Baits. The other two guys were up in kayaks on both ends of the lake doing nothing.

Saltwater fishing has been really good. Off the beaches from Atlantic City up to LBI they have been doing great with kingfish and brown sharks. Mixed in have been a few keeper size stripers. Bloodworms and Fish Bites have been the main bait for the kingfish and stripers and the sharks hitting kingfish heads, cut and chunked mackerel and bunker. From LBI up to Island State Park there have been a few decent stripers caught with a mix of different size bluefish. Sharks here have been hitting pretty good. Up in the Raritan Bay the flounder and striper fishing has still been great. Stripers hitting chunked and live bunker, Mojo Rigs and Umbrella Rigs. Mixed in here have been some 8 to 12 pound bluefish. Flounder have been hitting Spro bucktails with a Gulp mullet or grub as a teaser. Some of these flounder have been 18 to 26 inches. The next best flounder fishing has been on the Cape May Reef and the Old Grounds. Here again Spro bucktails with the Gulp teaser has been working best. Here I know of fish up to 13 pounds caught the past week. Giant porgies hitting in New York up to Massachusetts. These fish have been hitting clams, bloodworms, squid and mackerel strips. Mixed in have been some 3 to 6 pound sea bass and even a few smaller cod. And the spot and perch fishing in the Chesapeake Bay crushing bloodworms and Fish Bites. Here there have been plenty of stripers caught but all smaller fish. Salem Canal one fisherman down on Monday picked up over 50 stripers with bloodworm tipped on Sabiki Rigs. All these fish were 12 to 17 inches. He also caught 11 ocean size white perch. Still a few drumfish in the Delaware Bay but this has been dropping off the past month. There are some smaller stripers hitting in the rigs on bucktails, shad bodies and Gator spoons. These fish have been 20 to 26 inches.

Tom was the only Jersey freshwater report that I received this past week. Tom fished the weekend up at Round Valley Reservoir catching 2 brown trout with deep-water crankbaits and trolling spinner rigs tipped with nightcrawlers. Tuesday he was on Spruce Run catching plenty of perch and crappies with shiners, twister tails and small rattle traps. I don’t have any locations but everybody has been talking up how good the crabbing has been up and down the coast. Sold tons of traps, hand lines, nets and bunker this past week.

Wish I had more to report. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and don’t forget to get those reports e-mailed to me to attach to this post.

We had a real nice article written up on the store last week in the Northeast Times. This has really put allot of interests


Wanted to let you know how good we did up river last weekend. We took your advice and dropped in at Frenchtown and run the river all the way down to Firemans Eddy. Tip that was way too far to do in one day. We had to put the peddle to the metal the last couple hours not wetting a line to get in before dark. We bought 6 dozen minnows and used everyone up before out late shore lunch. First fish was a 24 inch walleye which was a big part of our lunch. After that we fished the Zoom Grubs, Zoom Tubes and the Blue Fox spinners you sold us. All worked. 4 guys all day long guess 50 smallmouth bass, 2 walleyes, 8 catfish, 1 little striper and even boated a 18 inch bowfin. Great day and will be see you several days over this holiday weekend. Gary, Bob, Ray and Paul


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