Fisherman Magazine Update

The offshore tuna bite continues to spread from the Baltimore, Wilmington and Poorman’s canyons up into the Spencer, with a “Hodge Podge” of yellowfin brought to scales this week in the Avalon Invitational tournament in South Jersey. Bluefin are already well within range for the Jersey Shore fleet, while an onslaught of bigeye and yellowfin closing down on the western edge of the southern canyons is welcome news for Delaware and South Jersey anglers, it bodes well for the July offshore action heading into the Lindy and Hudson, and it sure makes for a celebratory kickoff of the Fourth of July holiday weekend. As of Thursday morning, the offshore weather forecast from the Hudson to Baltimore shows 3- to 6-foot seas and S/SW winds Friday, giving way to 3 to 4’s on Saturday, 3 to 5’s on Sunday and just 2 to 4’s by Monday morning. Remember to bring in those Dream Boat yellowfin of 50 pounds or more; there have been a few Dream Boat fish inshore this season too with doormat fluke reported recently off the Navy Pier on the Raritan, inside Barnegat Bay, as wells as down along the Old Grounds off Delaware and South Jersey. New Jersey’s porgy action returns as of July 1 as well, a welcome return for our Independence Day Weekend celebration!

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