Fisherman Magazine Update

“Try the mako stuffed with bluefish – it’s to die for!” The big story this week was the pair of monster makos, each weighing in at exactly 537 pounds at two different ports some 90 miles away from one other along the Jersey Shore. As the South Jersey Shark Tournament kicks off in Cape May, and the Manasquan Inlet tourneys set to begin in a couple of weeks, things could get pretty busy along the 30 fathom line (bluefish beware!) Bluefin reported as well south of the Lindy, while monster stripers are still being taken on the troll between Barnegat and the Shrewsbury Rocks; livelining bunker scoring good fish in between, and up on the Raritan. Sand eels nearshore could turn the fluke on while also leading casters towards slipping slimmer profile lures into the plug bag with those pencils, poppers and SP Minnows. Weakfish to 8 pounds checked in from the Atlantic County surf, while fluking in the back bays should intensify as weather finally warms up. One of the first summer flounder/fluke tournaments of the Jersey Shore season kicks off this weekend out of New Gretna – check out the full video forecast for June 8-10 from “on location” at Viking Yachting Center on the Bass River.

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