Fisherman Magazine Update

Looks like we finally have a nice weather weekend ahead along the New Jersey and Delaware Coast, and a few cooperative newcomers on the fishing scene too boot including makos (258-pounder at South Jersey Marina last weekend) and hefty bluefin tuna in the 450-pound class weighed in at Manasquan. Good black sea bass catches in store for the days ahead from Del-Jersey-Land Reef north to the reef sites along the Jersey Coast; black drum still in decent supply from the Coral Beds across Delaware Bay to the Jersey side as well. First registered doormat of the Garden State fluke season featured in this week’s video tops 11 pounds off the Navy Pier, while stripers on the troll and by way of live bunker topping 50 pounds from LBI north to the Shrewsbury Rocks. More good surf reports on stripers up and down the coast taking clam and bunker chunks, while tiderunner weakfish reports continue filtering in through Cape May County tackle shops. Local bays should be pretty busy with a sunny Saturday predicted, so a Friday “sick day” may be in order to get in on those flatties on the channel edges before the crowds. June is shark month with tournaments set to kick off so make sure you’re geared up – in fact, old friend Mary Lee pinged a few miles east of LBI on Thursday morning, a good sign that big makos and threshers aren’t that far off.

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