Flounder Season Opens


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Had a couple really good days on the river with Helen. Tuesday we had a late start heading out for an early breakfast. Out on the river about 9 heading up in front of Station Avenue fishing with bunker. In about 2 hours we landed about 8 catfish but had a 6, 8 and 13 pound fish. When the eels showed up we headed down river to some of out better striper spots. Well four hours later we picked up a bunch more catfish with one small striper. Talking to a few of the other guys, Frank picked up a 31-inch bass with tons of catfish and John had a 25-inch striper with a bunch of catfish. They were using bunker and shad strips. Wednesday again we got a late start wanting to hit Curtain’s for a late lunch. Headed down river to the Tacony and fished with bunker and fresh clams. This day we caught 8 catfish, 3 stripers with a 21-inch slot fish and 1 eel. 6 of these catfish were between 5 and 8 pounds. Then we headed to Curtain’s and had a great lunch. I did not hear of any really big stripers this past week but again lots of slot fish with tons of smaller fish. Bloodworm is still catching the most fish but with bloods you will pick up stripers 4 to 12 inches and tons of white perch. Bunker has also been one of the best baits for fish 15 to 30 inches and clams are also working real well. Further down river Jim and his buddies fished above Salem picking up 40 bass 22 to 27 inches all with bloodworms and bunker. The fisherman up the Raccoon Creek also had a good week with stripers up to 32 inches and catfish up to 14 pounds with live eels and bloodworms. Pete fishing right under the Betsy Ross had 16 stripers this past week but all less than 20 inches. He did best with bloodworms. Trenton up to Yardley lots of stripers hitting crankbaits, poppers and shad bodies. These fish have been running 24 to 34 inches. Up at Lambertville guys fishing eels in the rocks above the 202 bridges have been catching stripers 24 to 31 inches. Kevin said the striper fishing at the Water Gap has picked up with fish 20 to 38 inches hitting live eels, live trout and crankbaits.

Now if your not chasing stripers the upper river has still been very good for other fish. The shad fishing in the Lambertville to Upper Black Eddy has slowed to died. There are still a few fish but nothing to spend the day anchored up fishing for. But these waters are picking up for smallies and walleyes. A few fishermen off the New Hope wing dam are catching 3 to 5 bass with a walleye mixed in here and there. One fisherman took live eels up looking for stripers but ended up the day with 4 catfish 7 to 12 pounds a 21 and 20-inch walleye all caught with live eels. Then he picked up 11 smallmouth bass fishing Zoom grubs and tubes. Up at Bull’s Island Ray fished live minnows, nightcrawlers, grubs and spinner bait catching over 25 smallies last weekend in the rain. All the fish were 12 to 15 inches. Kevin in not only doing great with stripers but is also still catching 10 to 15 shad each evening with spoons and darts. Joey fishing at Hankins with spoons and darts picked up 5 shad one evening in a 25 mile and hour wind. Other days he has been catching 10 to 15 fish each evening.

Joe said the lower Schuylkill River has been great for catfish and smaller stripers fishing nightcrawlers, bagels, chicken livers and bloodworms. He has been catching catfish 2 to 3 pounds and plenty of stripers 15 to 18 inches. Up below the dam there have been some good numbers of 12 to 17 inch walleyes hitting 2 and 3-inch shad bodies. Further up the river the catfishing has been picking up in the Gladwyne to Norristown section of the river. Now these guys are all out looking for the big flatheads but have been happy catching 10 to 15 fish a evening with chicken livers, nightcrawlers, strip bluegill and shrimp. Ron has been wading the Reading section of the river catching 15 to 25 smallies each trip out. Most of these bass are 12 to 14 inches and have been hitting minnows, shiners and creek chubs the best.

Fall’s Township crappie fishing has still been pretty good fishing live minnows, twister tails and small tubes. Here also a few pickerel and bass are being caught with crankbaits and plastic worms. Core Creek upper end has still been very good for largemouth bass 2 to 4 pounds with live minnows, spinner baits, crankbaits and plastic worms. One fisherman took is 5 kids down to FDR Park and had a great day with panfish and smaller bass. Fishing meal worms, earthworms and smaller minnows they picked up over 30 bluegills, 4 largemouth bass and 2 small channel catfish. John said Nockamixon was slow last weekend with the rain and cold front. He ended up fishing for crappies and perch on Sunday along the docks. He picked up over 35 decent fish with tubes and twister tails. His buddies said the same at Lake Galena with only a few crappies hitting minnows and twister tails over the weekend.

It looks like the flounder regulations have been set at 3 fish at 18 inches up and down the Jersey coast. This is what was posted on the Jersey regulation web sight so if it is wrong or changes please don’t kill the messenger. The Bluefishing up and down the coast has been on fire. Guys fishing Long Beach Island have been catching fish 6 to 15 pounds with crankbaits, poppers, metal jigs, metal spoons and shad bodies. Now out of Atlantic City blues 5 to 8 pound have been hitting bucktails, crankbaits and shad bodies. Smaller fish are being caught in Cape May with metal, spoons and bait. All these other spots chunked bunker, mackerel and mullet have been working on top and bottom or single rigs. Mixed in have been some 24 to 36 inch stripers. The Raritan Bay has still been very good for bigger stripers picked up with bunker spoons, umbrella rigs with shad bodies and Mojo rigs. Also snag and dropping live bunker has brought stripers up to 48 inches mid 40 pound fish. In this water are plenty of 8 to 15 pound bluefish mixed in. For the guys heading north the porgies and sea bass fishing has been great up in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.

South Jersey lakes have been great fishing the past couple weeks. John said the weather kept him home on Saturday but Sunday morning he picked up over 20 bass fishing top water frogs, weedless poppers and mice. Most of the fish were 2 to 3 pounds. He also had 16 pickerel mixed in. Jerry had another great week fishing Elmer for bass, perch and crappies. Live minnows were working best but he also caught fish with spinners, twister tails and Rapala #7 floaters. Tom fishing Greenwood Lake and Lake Hapatcong this past week catching tons of pickerel 15 to 22 inches, smallmouth bass 2 to 5 pounds, one musky 28 inches and a few largemouth bass. He did best with crankbaits, surface sliders, spoons, spinner baits and plastic worms. Gary and George went different ways on Spruce Run and had quite different reports. One fished 4 inch Senko and picked up 11 bass 13 to 17 inches. The other fish drop shot rigs with 3-inch Senko’s and slider grubs catching 20 crappies up to 15 inches and 9 bass up to 12 inches. Bad went the crappies are bigger than the bass. A couple guys fishing Newtown and the Cooper River doing well with catfish and carp fishing worms, worn and different carp baits. Other is picking up a few bass and snakeheads fishing weedless frogs, Senko worms and spinner baits.

Well that is all I have time for this week. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend. Good luck and lets hope the weather holds for the holiday. Bill


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