Fisherman Magazine Update

Barring more intrusive federal intervention, New Jersey’s fluke season will get underway on May 25 with a three fish at 18-inch size limit running through September 5. In a unanimous vote by the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council on May 17 at Avalon Community Hall, New Jersey’s 2017 limits also provide a two fish at 16-inch bag limit for surfcasters at Island Beach State Park, while allowing three summer flounder at 17 inches for those fishing west of the COLREGS on Delaware Bay. The fluke drama isn’t over yet as there are plenty of bureaucratic moving parts that could still muddy the waters – but anglers, captains and tackle shops can mark Thursday the 25th on the calendar as the Memorial Day kickoff to the season as per state officials. Until next Thursday’s NJ flatfish opening (don’t forget Delaware is already underway at 17 inches, so is New York at 19 inches), big drum are hitting at the Coral Beds and off the Villas, tiderunner weakfish are running from Cape May up into the upper reaches of Barnegat Bay, big stripers are on clams and bunker chunks on the beaches while also whacking trolled baits out to the fence in Ocean and Monmouth County, and big “Dream Boat” bluefish can be found just about anywhere you look. Beautiful weather this week, and outstanding May fishing!

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