Fisherman Magazine Update

One of the very first reported “50’s” of the 2017 season came by way of the Raritan Bay this past weekend with a 53-incher taken on a trolled mojo. In addition to the Raritan and Hudson complex, the coastal run seems to have kicked off this week as well, perhaps with the passing of Wednesday’s full moon, as 30- to 40-plus pound bass have been taken between LBI and Long Branch with the 3M’s getting it done – Majas, mojos, and menhaden (livies and swim shads too!) While weather conditions ahead this weekend could put a crimp in Saturday and Sunday action, all indications from last weekend through mid-week show that a few of those striped bass are heading in from deeper water and following bait in closer to shore now. Big, booming black drum have arrived along the Delaware Bay, while tiderunner weakfish are popping up behind Cape May County; the bluefish invasion continues to keep rods bent from Cape Henlopen in Delaware all the way up into the upper stretches of the Navesink River in northern New Jersey, with a few Dream Boat quality fish out there to boot. Be sure to check back regularly with through the week as we follow the ASMFC hearing in Alexandria, VA to provide an immediate update on the 2017 fluke decision – this is the week that everything comes to a head!

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