Striper Fishing Still Hot on the River


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Sorry about being a day late but it was so busy yesterday I was never even able to open up the lab top. But with the rain today I will have plenty of time to type. I was able to get you both days off this past week and with the 25 to 35 mile and hour winds it was one of the worse river conditions I have ever fished. Tuesday I headed up river to find the fish off the Neshaminy State Park beach. I anchored up with bunker and started out catching catfish after catfish. So I moved in closer to the shore and there were the stripers. I ended up with 11 bass and 9 catfish. 2 Slots and the rest smaller fish. But then the winds got really bad so I started back to the ramp. Well it was so bad I even kicked off my boots in case of a major problem. By the time I got back to the ramp I had 75 gallons of water in the boat, I was soaked and cold and was glad to be on land. Wednesday I was going to beat the winds getting out at 6 in the morning. Well this time I headed down river to the beach above the Tacony Bridge. Well the wind was already howling and really hard to fish with the boat blown sideways. But I managed to catch my 2 slot fish and 11 catfish up to 7 pounds. After taking a wave over the side of the boat and trying to beat the change of the tide I headed back to the ramp. Over all the striper fishing on the river has been a mixed bag. It seems all the big fish this past week were caught all up and down the river all on bunker but mixed from the Burlington Bristol down to Petty’s Island. But all these fish are coming in one’s. Now there was several slot fish caught with bloodworms, clams and bunker and most guys I talked to had limits. Then come the small fish that are crushing clams and bloodworms all up and down the river coming in numbers of 5 to 25 per boat. Still the hottest spots have been Burlington Bristol Bridge, Neshaminy State Park, Station Avenue, Linden Avenue, Princeton Avenue, Tacony Bridge, UPS Pier and Fort Mifflin. Now further up the river at Lambertville there have been some decent stripers hitting shad strips, live eels, crankbaits and poppers. One fisherman with live eels early in the week picked up 11 bass 23 to 31 inches. He was fishing above the 202 bridge. One other fisherman just below the New Hope wing dam picked up 8 to 10 bass 20 to 28 inches with shad strips and poppers.

The shad fishing in the upper river was on fire beefed the big storms they had above Narrowsburg. The water level came up 2 to 3 feet on Wednesday that washed out the shad fishing from the Water Gap down to Trenton. But before that most guys I talked to were catching 5 to 50 shad per day. One guide at Lambertville has been boating 50 to 75 shad each trip out. Kevin up at the Water Gap had a few afternoons with 30 to 50 shad for a couple guys. These fish are all being caught with shad spoons and darts. Another good spot for shad has been the art museum below the dam. Here guys have been throwing ¼ and ½ ounce darts catching 3 to 6 fish each trip out. Mixed in have been a few 15 to 20 inch walleyes and smaller stripers.

Trout fishing has still been pretty good in the Pennypack for the few guys that are still doing it. One fisherman went to Woodward Avenue on Tuesday not doing anything but went down to Holme Avenue to catch 3 trout and a nice smallmouth bass all with Panther Martin spinners. A few guys fishing Welsh Road have been catching 1 to 3 fish each trip over with wax worms, power baits, corn and spinners. Some bigger fish being caught above Pine Road with the Lemur Park of the creek being stocked. These fish are being caught with small jigs, trout magnets, worms and even minnows. Stony Creek was stock last week for the kid’s tournament and I heard of a few 4 to 6 pound fish caught during this past week with mealworms, power worms and baits, spinners and jigs.

Penn Warner picked up this past week with the bank fisherman catching perch, crappies and pickerel. They have been doing best with live minnows. Now a few of the boat guys said the bigger bass were hitting jigs tipped with rubber trailers, plastic worms, deep crankbaits, spinner baits and jigging metal. One fisherman had largemouth bass up to 6 pounds and smallies up to 4 pounds all in good numbers. Tim and his buddy fished Sunday catching 11 largemouth bass, 2 pickerel and a 32-inch northern all with spinner baits.

Core Creek still quite slow with a few perch and smaller crappies hitting meal worms, twister tails and trout magnets. One fisherman in the spillway did catch a nice 16-inch largemouth with a live minnows late last week. Levittown Lake slowing up for trout but the smaller bass and crappies has been hitting smaller minnows, twister tails a spoons. Jim is still catching a few trout late in the evening with dry flies but far from what it was a week ago. A few guys started to fish the Perkiomen Creek doing real well on small bass, bluegills and rock bass. Small crankbaits, twister tails, spinners and minnows working best. One fisherman at the prison said there have been a few bigger smallies hitting jerk shads and 4 inch grubs in dark colors. He had 4 fish last week 15 to 17 inches. Charlie has been hitting the lower part of the Tohickon doing well on 14 to 16 inch smallies and bigger bluegills. He said trout magnet crankbaits; Pin’s minnows and smaller spooks have been working best. Again only one report from Fall’s Township with this fisherman still catching some smaller bass and pickerel with plastic worms, crankbaits and live shiners. Had my first report in a long time from Green Lane Reservoir with these guys doing well with bass and crappies fishing along the roadways with minnows, twister tails, spinner baits and power worms. They had bass 2 to 3 pounds and crappies almost up to a pound. Nockamixon still very good for smallies, largemouth bass and crappies. Only one report but it was a good one with John and his wife fishing Saturday in shallow water catching over 20 bass 1 to 3 pounds. He tried fishing the deeper water for bigger fish but thinks they are moving into shallow water getting ready for the spawn. Now on Sunday he was out again fishing tubes and twister tails catching a 25 fish limit of crappies and yellow perch. Jerry at Marsh Creek said the pickerel have been on fire fishing with live minnows, spinners and spoons. He is working hard for bass and perch but is happy to land the 10 to 25 pickerel each trip out.

The jersey shore is alive with bluefish from Atlantic City up to Island State Park. The best fishing has been off Long Beach Island where they are catching fish 6 to 15 pounds on clams, bunker, poppers, crankbaits and almost any metal you throw into the water. The Raritan Bay has also been very good for bass and bluefish. Everyone I talk to said if you can get through the bluefish with bunker there are plenty of 20 to 40 pound bass being caught. Problem has been the 10 to 15 pound bluefish above the bass hitting anything that hits the water. Off the wall in Brooklyn one fisherman picked up 11 bluefish and a 31-inch bass all with chunked bunker and bunker heads. He said fishing all the way down to Coney Island has been good. A few bass are still being caught up the Delaware Bay but most guys here are heading out for drumfish. Now this bite is still not hot but there have been a few 20 to 30 pound fish caught. Blackfish and sea bass off the jetties have been hitting real good on green crabs, clams and squid strips.

I only got one Jersey freshwater report this past week with this customer fishing the Cooper River doing well with 2 to 4 pound catfish and 8 to 15 pound carp. He said worms and chicken livers for the cats with corn and boilies working best for the carp.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Good luck and let’s hope these winds lay down sometime soon. Bill

I caught a 36″ on bunker head at neshaminy creek saturday morning.Tom O

Good Morning,Thought I would share one of the best days on the river we had Sunday. We started out about 6:30 am headed down near the  CBB. We anchored up in our usual spot for most of the day we were catching catfish from 10 lbs and under. Managed to land my first striper.  We fished until the tide turned and headed back to the launch. The striper was picked up on bloodworms. (not fresh the were frozen from previous trip) Thank You, David Bitting

Thanks for sending me out to the tacony.  had a blast with bloodworms and bunker catching over 35 fish yesterday.  biggest was 32 inches smallest 8 inches.  21 perch and 9 catfish also boated.  again thanks see you again next weekend.  Freddie


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