Fisherman Magazine Update

While New Jersey wreck fishermen will be busy with the final weekend of spring blackfish, Delaware tautog hunters get another 11 days to work the local snags before both state tautog seasons are closed for the spawn, not to reopen until mid-July. Not to worry, good sized striped bass are being reported in both the upper Delaware Bay this week, as well as up the Raritan where quite a few 30- and 40-pound stripers preparing to spawn have been released by anglers chunking and dragging Majas, mojos and plugs. The big story along the coast is the size of some of the bluefish racing through the local bays and rivers; sure there are plenty of cocktails and racers on the run right now, but some double-digit monsters up and over 15 pounds have also been keeping rods bent. The weekend weather outlook in the coastal region for the weekend shows temperatures into the 70’s near 80 on Saturday, 60 on Sunday, cloudy both days but just a 20% chance of showers; good cover for your striped bass and bluefish hunts with the whole family! For subscribers to The Fisherman Magazine, remember the Dream Boat Fishing Challenge kicks off on Monday, May 1 – and for you black drum fishermen, hope you’ve made your upcoming plans, as May’s full moon comes at 5:42 p.m. on May 10, boomer time!

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