Monster Stripers Starting To Show UP!


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Only had a couple hours to get out on Tuesday but still had a pretty good morning. I picked up 13 stripers between 12 and 18 inches. Wednesday I was back out having a bit longer to fish and picked up 40 stripers and 3 white perch. These stripers were a bit better in size landing 2 slot 22-inch fish, 10 or better 18-inch fish and the rest small. Both days it was a bloodworm bite. Anthony was out on Tuesday picking up 18 fish all with clams. On Wednesday he was back out picking up a dozen fish this day all with bloodworms. Now there were tons of these same reports all up and down the river with smaller fish. But there were a few bigger fish taken. At Station Avenue Louie picked up a 44 inch 40 pound fish with bunker on Wednesday evening. Todd picked up a mid 30 inch fish at the Tacony with bunker that looked to be a 20-pound fish. Today I heard of another bigger fish taken at Station Avenue with bunker in the 30 plus inch area. Down at the airport I saw several pictures of fish 30 to 45 inches caught this past week with bunker and bloodworms. Salem has also been pretty good for bigger fish. Frank was down on Monday picking up 11 bass with 3 fish over 36 inches. He picked up all these fish with bunker. Another customer telling me about his 40 pound fish taken at Station last night caught with a bunker head.

Trout fishing has still been very good all up and down the Pennypack. Guys have been catching fish with wax worms, mealworms, earthworms, power baits, trout magnets and spinners. Some of the better spots have been Welsh Road, Holme Avenue, Rhawn Street, Roosevelt Boulevard, Veree Road and Pine Road. A couple reports back from Levittown Lake with this fisherman picking up fish with wax worms and power baits. Here they have been catching 1 to 2 fish a trip. The second half of trout season opens for the up state lakes and streams and they are going to get a great weekend to fish. Nothing like our weekend down here.

Shad fishing in the upper river really picked up this past week. The river is not perfect but 1000 times better than it has been. Guys fishing Trenton, Washington Crossing, Lambertville and Bull’s Island are back to catching fish with spoons and darts. Most guys are saying the spoons are working much better. Chartreuse, pink and orange have been the better colors. Most guys have been catching 5 to 8 fish each trip. Herring are just starting to show up at Trenton.

Penn Warner still hot for perch, crappies, bass and pickerel. Minnows along the shoreline, grubs, crankbaits, spinner baits, rattle traps and jigging metal working best. A few guys started picking up a few bass in the upper end of Core Creek. These fish are hitting spinner baits and crankbaits the best. A few nice bass caught at Rohm Hass with plastic worms, spinner baits and shallow crankbaits. Tim fished Fall’s Township on Tuesday catching 1 small bass and a crappie fishing live minnows off the ramp. A bunch of small bass were caught up at Magnolia Lake with shallow crankbaits and 3 inch Senko’s. Jerry said the fishing really picked up at Marsh Creek with pickerel and yellow perch crushing minnows over the entire weekend. He caught perch up to a pound and plenty of pickerel 14 to 18 inches. The landscaper picked up a few small bass in the shopping center lake with nightcrawlers.

Jersey trout opened last weekend with a few different reports back. Three different guys fishing the Pequest all did well with rainbows fishing power baits, wax worms and spinners. Another fisherman at Lake Amwell picked up a bunch of rainbow trout with a few largemouth bass mixed in. The bass were caught with nightcrawlers and minnows with the trout hitting power baits, minnows, spinners and spoons. And one fisherman at Round Valley picked up a few lake trout trolling crankbaits and spinner rigs tipped with anchovies. Jerry had a great week with pickerel, crappies and bass fishing all his south jersey lakes. He also fished the Cooper River catching a bunch of gizzard shad while out fishing for crappies. Richie picked up a bunch of pickerel at Lake Lenape fishing spinner baits and Senko worms.

Saltwater is starting to pick up for stripers up in the Raritan Bay. Everyone has been snagging and dropping bunker catching fish 30 to 45 inches. There have been a few guys throwing poppers and SP minnows but these guys have been catching smaller fish. With the heavy winds there were no reports from the cod and Pollock fisherman. Down in the Delaware Bay there are some stripers showing up but only smaller fish have been caught at the rips. But up the bay one fisherman a Money Island picked up a 42 inch 35 pound fish with live bunker. He also had a bunch of smaller fish.

Well been a very busy day so that is all I have time to type up. Hope everyone has a great Easter and good luck if you get out. Bill

Thank you so much for the bloodworms and advice on where to fish!! We went straight across from the linden aver boat ramp and kids had a great time!! Nothing huge (15-18 inches) but constant action. And one big perch!!Thanks again,Marc Rosen

Caught this guy at art museum on a rubber jig. Was shad fishing didnt catch a thing so tryed for some walleye but wound up nailing this striper on a yellow perch colored rubber jig. Was about 18 to 20 inches but was caught on 5 lb test line so couldnt get him up the wall but they are definitly making there run. Hope i can get his much larger cousin when i target them. Looks to be a great year. Tight lines

Caught 4/3/17 pennypack creek@ rhawn street on a yo zuri pin minnow was 23″ and weighed 4lbs 8 oz  

Caught 4/3/17 pennypack creek@ rhawn street on a yo sure pin minnow was 23″ and weighed 4lbs 8 oz20 inch brown trout caught by me 4/5/17 on the Pennypack creek also behind father judge at the big rock on a yellow roostertails. They have put nice fish this year cant complain just wish the rain would not fall in such drastic amounts but hey they’ll be spread out and last longer into the season. Caught 83 so far this year and have friends that caught close to the same so there definitely in there. Well anyways love the store n reports will keep sending them fish pics
I caught 11 Stripers 16 to 20 inches Sunday afternoon all with in an hour before high tide and one 4 lb Catfish with great white and pink coloring. My 4 grandchildren ages 4 to 8, all caught their own striper.
This was off my own property in Penns Grove. A great afternoon.
Thank you Jim Paylor


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