River Stripers starting to heat up!!


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Have plenty of bloodworms, fresh clams for the weekend. Fresh bunker is order but won’t have until 3 to 4 Friday afternoon. Or at least we hope they are able to catch them in the morning.

Trout restocked in the Pennypack this past Wednesday. And everyone since has been crushing the trout. We weighted in one 4.2 palomino trout this morning caught on an earthworm. Ray has been crushing trout with minnows, power baits and spinners. Anthony fished several days this past week catching 8 on opening day then crushing them the rest of the week. Power baits and wax worms were his best baits. Up at Pine Road Jack caught 37 trout opening day but this last hour of the day. Early the creek was muddy but cleared up at 5 and till dark it was fish on. I’m typing this report on Thursday at 2 in the afternoon and so far the creek is still low and clear. Don’t know what the rest of this day will do. Levittown Lake has also been great for trout. Several different reports with guys catching fish with power baits, power eggs, wax worms and spoons. Guys have been catching 3 to 10 fish per afternoon. Jim had one of the best reports on Sunday with 16 trout, 4 crappies and a 3-pound largemouth bass. He did best with power eggs, minnows and Kastmasters 1/8 ounce in gold and silver. Did not hear a word on Core Creek other than one crappie and perch fisherman in the spillway. He caught fish with small minnows and twister tails. The last trout spot was the Wissahickon where guys picked up some nice brown and rainbows with power baits, wax worms, mealworms and spinners. Most guys here I talked to picked up 3 to 6 fish a trip.

The striper bite is picking up each day. I was out on Tuesday for a couple hours catching 11 fish 6 to 18 inches. All my fish were on bloodworms. Anthony was out 5 or 6 times this past week catching 40 or better fish with a 25-inch, 21 inch and the rest smaller. Again he caught everyone on bloodworms. Jim picked up a 15-inch fish off Station Avenue this past Sunday. And below the Tacony one fisherman caught 4 fish yesterday 14 to 19 inches. Again these fish were all caught with bloodworms. Now further down river by the airport I talked to several guys that have been catching 10 to 25 fish each trip with most fish 16 to 27 inches. One big fish just below the Ben Franklin Bridge, this fish was 38 inches just less than 20 pounds. This is the first fish I heard on bunker. Now down at the Salem canal there are some monster fish being caught. These fish are hitting bloodworms the best but have also been caught with bunker and clams. Some numbers of guys catching 10 to 20 fish but here they are getting fish 20 to 40 inches. One big fish here was 44 inches just less than 40 pounds was caught last weekend. Big tournament this coming weekend down in the lower river and I think there will be some big fish measured in.

The upper river has been a wash out this past week. Now the water was up into the Yardley parking lot but has now lowered to the top of the ramp. But still with all this high cold water the shad and walleye fishing has been dead.

Now with everyone fishing for stripers and trout I did not hear much on the lakes. One fisherman at Silver and Magnolia Lakes caught a few smaller bass with shallow crankbaits and spinners. John up at Nockamixon tried for largemouth bass with no luck and ended up fishing for crappies around the docks catching 15 to 35 fish each trip out with tubes, twister tails and minnows. Churchville guy picked up a few 4 to 5 pound bass with spinner baits and 10-inch power worms. Penn Warner was a mixed bag. Chuck and Jay said fishing has been slow fishing minnows along the shoreline. They have been catching a few perch and crappies. Now two other reports from bass fisherman with both guys crushing bigger bass. One picked up several bass 2 to 4 pound with deep-water crankbaits. The other guy did well on 2 to 3 pound fish with rubber-skirted jigs tipped with brush hogs and Senko worms. One great report on bass back in Rohm Hass with this fisherman landing a fish a bit over 6 pounds on rubber skirted jigs.

Jerry gave me the only Jersey report fishing with minnows in Elmer catching perch, crappies, bass and pickerel. Dennisville last week was another really good lake for bass and pickerel with minnows, spinners, twister tails and plastic worms.

I only talked to one fisherman that fished off shore this past week for cod. This fisherman went out of Point Pleasant and picked up 4 cod himself 12 to 18 pounds. He said there was over 40 on the boat with the big fish 28 pounds. He said all fish were caught on top and bottom rigs with squids with 12-ounce diamond jigs fished as sinkers.   On the jigs anything silver, chartreuse or pink. And the power plants have still been very good for stripers 15 to 30 inches with white perch up to a pound. Oyster Creek and Salem have been the better two.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Hope all do well in the striper tournament. Good luck, Bill

First time advisor… Chuck and Al, fishing the lower Delaware out of Pennsville caught 20 short stripers (15-20”) on Sunday’s low tide.


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