Fisherman Magazine Update

Thursday appears to be a washout which may impact conditions into Friday – but with temps in the upper 50’s to low 60’s on Saturday and Sunday, rising into the 70’s to start next week, the striper bite should only continue to intensify. Warmer weekend temps and most clear skies should also kick off a banner trout season in New Jersey this Saturday, April 8; pick up the April edition of The Fisherman Magazine for a full stock report, with details on Saturday’s Spring Lake kids’ tournament presented by the Shark River Surf Anglers. In the salt/fresh mix, continued reports of 40-pound and up stripers from the Delaware River; the bite is from Salem County north with bloodworms registering the top catch and release trophies in the region. Anglers are reminded that as of April 1, any striped bass caught on the Delaware from the upstream side of the Calhoun Street Bridge downstream to and including the Salem River and its tributaries must be released through May31. Those fishing natural baits in this stretch must use non-offset circle hooks. Check out the latest striper reports and this week’s catches, from Salem County, around the bend at Cape May all the way into Atlantic, Ocean and Monmouth County, in this week’s video forecast from The Fisherman Magazine.

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