Trout Opens Saturday



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Trout season to open this coming Saturday. Pennypack was stocked up Tuesday with some really nice fish put in the best holes. I also head Levittown Lake, Core Creek and the Wissahickon were all stocked up this past week. I can’t tell what is going to work the best until it opens and guys start chatting up some reports. But over all mealworms, wax worms, earthworms, power baits, minnows, shiners, spinners and trout magnets work the best. Now the Youth Trout Day on Saturday was a big success. Several good reports back from Levittown Lake with a 4.2-pound rainbow caught early in the morning. Several other reports of 2 to 6 fish caught by most all fishermen. The Wissahickon was also very good with most guys I talked to catch 4 to 6 fish and said the fish were ranged 12 to 17 inches. Just talked to one fisherman that help stock the Pennypack yesterday telling me they put in a 28 inch brown below the Boulevard.

Now the river has been getting better and better each day. Anthony was out yesterday catching 6 stripers and a few catfish. The bass were 14 to 22 inches and all picked up on bloodworms. Another customer picked up 5 bass just below the Tacony Bridge. These fish were 12 to 19 inches and were also caught on bloodworms. Now from the airport down to the Commodore Barry Bridge some bigger 20 to 28 inch fish have been caught this past week. And further down around the Salem Canal some fish 20 inch up to mid 40 pounds were caught this past week. Again most all these fish are being caught with bloodworms but I did talk to a few guys picked up a few fish with bunker.

The upper river from Trenton up to Lambertville the shad fishing also has picked up a bit. But here the water temps are not coming up fast with all the snow melt from up state. Trenton in the low tide has been doing best behind the railroad bridge with pink, chartreuse and orange shad spoons. Up at Washington’s Crossing Frank picked up 3 shad on Tuesday again with shad spoons and said all were small bucks. Further up Tom picked up 3 walleyes at Point Pleasant up in the rocks with live minnows. And Charlie wading just below Byran caught a 19-inch walleye and two 13-inch smallmouth bass all with watermelon grubs.

Now the local lake reports were quite slow this week. Penn Warner still very good but all panfish. Chuck and Jay picked up several perch and crappies fishing minnows along the shoreline. Terry was up fishing off his dock catching 15 crappies and all the perch you wanted last Sunday. He did best with twin tails and minnows. Core Creek main lake has been a few perch and bluegills with small twister tails and mealworms. In the spillway a few crappies and perch with trout magnets and minnows. John up at Nockamixon is still doing fair with crappies but said the bass fishing dropped off since the snow. One fisherman down FDR Park picked up a few smaller bass but was looking for his first snakehead of the season. He was throwing Rebel minnows.

Jersey Lakes are still hot for crappies, pickerel and bass. Jerry crushing the pickerel the past week fishing his different lakes along Route 47. Minnows and twister tails working best.   Dennisville has also been very good for bass and pickerel throwing spinner baits, Senko worms and twister tails. Couple guys fishing the Maurice River just below Union Lake catching pickerel, yellow perch and 15 to 18 inch stripers. White and pink Zoon flukes, Senko worms and long bodied crankbaits working best. Tom started back up fishing north Jersey lakes looking for muskies, pickerel and bass. Fishing Manasquan Reservoir with bigger spinner baits, Whopper Poppers, Senko worms and jerk baits Tom boated 9 largemouth bass and 17 pickerel. Nothing big but enough action to get him down again this coming weekend. His buddies have been hitting Lake Hapatcong the past month only catching 4 smaller muskies and all the mid size pickerel you want. Water temps here have been mid 30’s to 40 degrees.

Saltwater fishing has not changed a bit. Still catching plenty of stripers 15 to 30 inches at Oyster Creek power plant. Bloodworms, chunked bunker, 4 and 5 inch shad bodies, Fin-S fish and Daiwa SP minnows have been working best. The Mullica River has also been very good in the Route 9 area. Here stripers 15 to 24 inches and white perch up to a pound are being caught with bloodworms, grass shrimp and I even had one customer do well with Fish Bites.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Getting this report out early hoping I will be too busy to type one up later in the week. Good luck to all the trout fisherman and for the stripers guys time to get out and get that first fish. Bill


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