Fisherman Magazine Update

Depending on your side of the rain-snow line, you were either shoveling snow early this week or blasting the weather guy. Details emerged Wednesday that NOAA weather folks knew the line had shifted, but opted not to inform the public of reduced snow fall amounts. That prompted an angry response from Governor Chris Christie who said “I’ve had my fill after the last 7 1/2 years of the National Weather Service, to tell you the truth.” CBS News went so far as to call out NOAA weather folks this week for “knowingly misleading public,” and with their new boss, Wilbur Ross also deliberating over 2017 summer flounder regulations, we could see more a few more political storms in the coming days. Before the cold snap, stripers were biting in South and Central Jersey bays and rivers, winter flounder hitting at Shark River, and mackerel were on the run along the DELMARVA coast; it should be interesting to see what a few sunny days will bring. Oddsmakers are calling it a 2-1 shot of coastal temperatures increasing to 50 by Monday; until then, perhaps join The Fisherman Magazine at the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Somerset, NJ March 17-19. Full details on the show at our homepage!

This time last year, we started hearing rumors of bluefish showing up along the Delaware Coast – this past week came word (again, just rumors) of a bluefish caught somewhere around Barnegat Bay. No doubt about it at this point, bunker are being netted in Delaware Bay already while schools of the “striper candy” are also showing on the Raritan up into Newark Bay to the north – so it’s only a matter of time at this point! Our reports for the week in the New Jersey region show warmer water temps in the back bay waters are leading to a few more reports of striped bass being taken on bucktails and swim shads, though bloodworms continue to account for improved catches in many area locations (maximize your investment in the bloods by targeting winter flounder in Central and North Jersey where folks are making quick work of the minimal bag limit along many piers and bulkheads spotlighted in this month’s New Jersey edition of The Fisherman.) Plenty to do this weekend, with popular Jersey Shore and Pennsylvania shows through Sunday and a new tackle shop off the AC Expressway opens its doors on Saturday with that new Shimano Tranx premiered this week at The Fisherman on sale!

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