Fisherman Magazine Update

Donovan Vasquez tackled New Jersey’s first registered keeper of 2017 by bringing a 9.4-pound, 30-inch Mullica River beauty into Absecon Bay Sportsman Center a little bit after noon on Wednesday. “He said he didn’t know how many shorts he had to cull through to get it, but the action is constant,” said Absecon Bay’s Dave Showell, who added that Don picked a few white perch between the aggressive short stripers. While not a lot of keepers in the rivers, creeks and up along sod banks just yet, the reported bite is already proving consistent on bloods; if you’re looking for a “hot spot” recommendation, grab a copy of the March edition of The Fisherman at the Atlantic City Boat Show this week, it seems as if early reports on striped bass in the region mesh perfectly with Nick Honachefsky’s “Hail the Tides of March” article. While howling winds kicked off our weekend forecast, with temperatures expected to take a little dip by Saturday, initial reports from the regular striper haunts indicate an early start to the season – while the warmwater discharge is attracting shoulder-to-shoulder attention once again, the long-range forecast for the next week along the Delaware and New Jersey coast should put more surfcasters closer to open water for early arriving ocean fish.

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