With no ice fishing in this area this past season we are blowing out all our ice fishing equipment at 20 % off for the next month. We have plenty of augers; tip ups, scoops, rods, combos, jigs and all different kinds of ice lures.


Quick note: We got our first batch of bloodworms in this past week and finally we have our 2017 tide charts printed.

Well with the good weather we had plenty of guys out fishing this past week. No striper yet in the river but it is just a matter of time for the first fish to be caught. For the river catfishing has been the best bet. Most guys are picking up a fish or two each trip out with bunker, chunked eels, nightcrawlers and shrimp. There are a few guys fishing up the Neshaminy for catfish still looking for their first fish. The upper river has still been fair for walleyes fishing with minnows, shiners, Zoom grubs and one fisherman picked up a few fish trolling walleye divers.

The Schuylkill River below the art museum a few walleyes hitting shad bodies, twister tails and minnows. Up off Kelly Drive one fisherman picked up a 13-pound flat head with a half of bluegill. And further up the river a 27-pound flat head was picked up with a white perch.

Penn Warner still the hot spot for the club members. Crappies, perch, bass, pickerel and pike hitting live minnows, spinner baits, rubber skirted jigs, Senko worms and even a few different crankbaits. Core Creek only a few perch hitting minnows, mealworms and twister tails in the spillway. Levittown Lake a few crappies and smaller bass hitting small senko and power worms and smaller twister tails. Fall’s Township one fisherman worked hard all day with jigs, grubs, tubes and spinners catching only a couple bluegills. He said one fisherman out in a kayak picked up a 16-inch walleye drifting live minnows. A couple fishing down the hatchery this past week with nightcrawlers and minnows caught a few smaller bass. John up at Nockamixon has still been catching a few smallmouth n deeper water with shiners and jigs. When the bass are not hitting he is doing well with crappies fishing around the docks with tubes and twister tails. And he said his buddies fishing down in Lake Galena have been catching a few bigger crappies with minnows or shiners fished under a slip bobber in 12 to 25 feet of water.

All the guys fishing jersey have been doing great with crappies, perch, bass and pickerel. One fisherman in the Cooper River picked up a few smaller bass, 4 catfish and a 21-pound carp. Jerry fishing the lakes along 47 and 55 catching some good crappies, yellow perch and pickerel fishing live minnows. The Mullica River in the Batso section plenty of pickerel have been hitting minnows, shiners, twister tails, Rapala’s and spinners. Down in Collin’s Cove one fisherman picked up over 50 bigger white perch with small shiners, grass shrimp and 1 inch gulp minnows. John took his first trip to Union last weekend. He gave me the only bad report fishing for 6 hours catching a bass, 2 pickerel and a crappie. Richie said the pickerel are hitting good in Lake Lenape with perch, smaller stripers and pickerel hitting just below the dam in the Egg Harbor River.

Even the saltwater fishing this past week was good. Now there is not much to fish for but all the guys heading north, fishing off shore has been doing great with cod, porgies, ling, blackfish and I know they are closed but sea bass.   Top and bottom rigs with clams and strip mackerel have been what most guys are using but this past week I sold lots of 10 to 14 ounce jigs that they caught the bigger codfish with. Off some of the jetties I heard some smaller ling and blackfish have been hitting clams, strip bait and crabs.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Looks like a mixed bag of weather for this weekend but still lots of warm weather will be around for next week. Bill


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