Fisherman Magazine Update

Depending on where you were in the region when waking up on Thursday morning, it was either a snow day emergency or just another coastal rainstorm. A pretty distinct SW by NE line separated those seeing heavy snows throughout the morning and the folks primarily in South Jersey and along the Delaware Coast starting the day mostly with rain. Once this little event has passed, anglers can expect the same relative pick along the coast, with most party and charter boats hitting at tautog with the occasional cod thrown in, while some press offshore for more of the cod and loads of jumbo porgies. The 9-inch, 50 fish porgy limit ends on February 28, so if you’re looking to score on one of those Saturday trips offshore, get on it! Open water conditions throughout the region have opened up a few opportunities, with the white perch action in the creeks and canals getting off to an earlier than normal start in the southern part of our weekly forecast, while to the northwest in the bigger lakes some bigger lakers (over 20 pounds) are getting active as well. A couple of fishing flea market options for you this weekend, including Hi-Mar to the north and Palmyra to the south – learn more in the weekly video.

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