Ice Fishing North


I wish I had more to report but the weather this winter has been so crazy it is throwing a real wrench in the fishing.

If you’re an ice fisherman you have to run north of the Pocono’s for good ice. And if you’re in the mid section of the state be real careful with the thickness of the ice. I have a few guys fish White Deer Pond off Route 402 catching plenty of bluegills and pickerel with live minnows and wax worms. Lake Shohola has been very good for yellow perch, pickerel and bluegills with minnows, wax worms and Rapala jigging minnows. Duck Harbor pond one fisherman did very well with trout, perch, crappies and pickerel. He did best with small jigs tipped with wax worms and twister tails. Ron and his brother were out to Brady’s Lake catching pickerel, bass and trout with metal jigs, Rapala jigs and live mealworms and minnows.

Now south they have still been fishing Penn Warner catching plenty of perch, crappies, bass, pike and pickerel with live minnows, jigging metal, Kastmasters, shad bodies and spinner baits. Chuck had one of his best days last week with bass all caught with live minnows. Ralph and John were up on Sunday fishing crankbaits, jigs and metal catching 11 bass between 2 and 4 pounds. Both smallmouth band largemouth. Jay was up to Core Creek early in the week not catching a single fish with minnows, worms and trout magnets. He said the lake is still quite low. I had one fisherman up at Churchville do very well with bass fishing rattle traps and plastic brush hogs. One day he picked up 11 fish all over 3 pounds. Marsh Creek still has been pretty good for yellow perch, smallmouth bass and pickerel fishing minnows, jigs, Rapala’s, and jigging metal. Last report from the lake is a fisherman down at FDR Park fishing all day Saturday and Sunday only to catch a few small bluegills.

Now the upper river has been pretty good for the few guys fishing it. These guys have been fishing Byran, Point Pleasant and Stockton catching 15 to 21 inch walleyes with live minnows, twister tails, Rapala’s, Cordell Wally divers and nightcrawlers. The lower river several guys have been out and so far I have only heard a few catfish here and there. Nightcrawlers, minnows, chunked eels and chicken livers have been working best. A couple fishermen back in Dredge Harbor have been picking up a few yellow perch and crappies with hair and marabou jigs tipped with smaller minnows. Guys fishing below the Art Museum have been catching a few walleyes and catfish fishing live minnows, shiners and smaller shad bodies. And above the dam I have one fisherman doing pretty good with carp at Flat Rock Dam south to boat house row. He has been doing best with boilies and corn. There have been a few carp taken in the Delaware but these guys are not talking up where they are getting them.

Saltwater fishing has been all out of North Jersey and has been very good for cod. I know they are also doing well with sea bass but the season is closed. The cod have been hitting gold and silver diamond jigs, clams and strip mackerel. There are guys doing well with blackfish but I’m not sure where they are fishing.

South Jersey Lake has been hot for pickerel, perch, crappies and bass. Jerry has been crushing fish in all his lake down off Route 55. Minnows have been his best baits. Richie said the Egg Harbor River has been great for white perch, pickerel and smaller stripers. Grubs, shad bodies, crankbaits, strip squid, minnows and grass shrimp have been working best. He has been hitting Lake Lenape catching a few 16 to 20 inch pickerel with Rapala’s and Culprit worms. Tom up at Lake Hapatcong catching some good smallmouth bass, pickerel and smaller muskies with jerk baits, surface lures and large grubs and shad bodies.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Does not look like we are going to get an ice season but if you’re in need of an auger for future talk to Bill and I can work out a few deals. Bill


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