Fisherman Magazine Update

The big news this week is that big striped bass have spread out along the Atlantic and Cape May County coastline, with the 62-pound Overfalls Shoal striper helping set the tone to start the week. More 20- to 30-pound class stripers have been reported throughout the southern range, with mojos and trolled plugs like the Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D minnow deep diver, the Stretch 30, Bomber CD and Rapala X-Rap Magnums getting the job done down into Delaware waters. Some trollers have reported that it’s not so much the depth of the 30-foot lures, but the actual size of the offering as big baits are fooling big stripers. The Central and North Jersey Coast has seen a herring run beginning to materialize, with casters livelinelining herring to good-size stripers while also digging into tackle boxes for best possible matches in the surf. Looking over 2015 logbooks, there’s no reason to believe this action will let up any time soon so don’t put away those plug bags just yet! Also, warmer water temps have kept tautog nearer shore, with a few still being hooked on the southern jetties while northern reef sites within state waters are giving up a good share to folks jigging with light tackle spin outfits, an effective and exciting way to bulldog big blackfish out of the structure.

Thanksgiving surf action along the North and Central Jersey coast was epic; you just had to forget about the sometimes shoulder-to-shoulder fishing and focus purely on blitz conditions! With mid-week pea soup, heavy rains and southerly winds keeping many casters indoors (and perhaps back at work), it will be interesting to see how the weekend ahead fares for those tossing pencils, metal-lips and swim shads. Fairly sustained W/NW winds are forecast through Sunday, which could put more bait, bass and a few bluefish in tight to the beach, while boaters dragging mojos and plugs from South Jersey to the Delaware Coast are now finding a few good fish in the 30- and 40-pound class on the troll – it’s been a mix of peanuts and adult bunker, so plan accordingly! Party boats continue to hit the offshore grounds for jumbo sea bass and slab porgies, while warmer than normal water temps have kept the monster toggin’ in tighter to the beach. Used to be that folks turned their attention to deer camp at the start of December, yet bass and blackfish are redirecting attention back to the east along the beach, a good bet on this first day of the last month of the year. Catch ‘em up!


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