Fisherman Magazine Update

Stiff westerlies and an arctic blast may have put a chill in the air, but it’s also heated things up in the surf with striped bass and bluefish blitzes throughout the range. “The best fishing you ever had,” and days that just make you say “wow” is how it’s been described to start this Thanksgiving week as peanut bunker have been corralled in tight to the North and Central Jersey beaches. Stripers to 30 and 40 pounds or more have moved into Atlantic and Cape May county waters in recent days, while the first ocean run wave of stripers seems also to have arrived in Delaware since our last report. Monster catches showcased in this week’s video forecast include New Jersey blackfish from 17 to 22 pounds, Dream Boat bluefish eclipsing the 20-pound mark, while offshore sea bass catches are reported in the 5- to 7-pound range. If you’ve got some extra time this Thanksgiving weekend, make sure you to save some room for fishing; give thanks for a strong run of fall fishing, as it could last well into the holiday season. Check out our weekend video forecast for more information on some of the latest, greatest catches in the region.

While Delaware anglers have had a five fish bag limit on tautog since late September, New Jersey anglers fishing under a one fish limit since July are back on the wrecks in force this week with the increase in possession limit to six fish! Many party boats in the region have switched over to blackfishing to handle the overflow, and with tautog still nearshore at this point of the season it’s the best time of year to hit the reefs and wrecks for a shot at one (or six!) of these bruisers! Big stripers continue to pile on live baits and trolled offerings, with this week’s video report showcasing bass to 55 pounds on the move along the Jersey Shore. With plenty of bunker feeding the fall run of stripers, it’s also led to some intense personal encounters with some rather large humpback whales just off the beach – including one in this week’s video which probably took off a bit of the gelcoat in the process! With a week to go before Thanksgiving, surfcasters are giving thanks for this good initial run with a few blitz conditions taking place throughout the range, knowing too that there are still more fish to follow from the N/NE!


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