Anthony’s weekly report

We’ll all I can say was Thursday was the best day I ever had in the surf . I started at seaside and Karl and jr started up at Bradley beach . I got a call to head north, and by the time I got there it was over . So we spread out and decided to go searching . We finally headed back south and we’re in total shock when we saw the blitz that was going on. The bass were crashing the peanuts on the beach by the hundreds . We got into them heavy and it was almost every cast . Majority of the fish were anywhere from 27 to 34 inches and we also got into some really good ones fishing off the back side of the bait . Needless to say it was hours of funs with a fish almost every cast . I lost count of how many fish I bought . What a day. They seem to be doing great all around down the shore . With Atlantic City being hot on te troll for bass and Delaware bay just starting to get bass showing up. North has been phenominal . Like everything some days better than others . Poppers , bucktails, and swim shads worked best . This warmer weather should keep the fish around so get out there.

   The river has been quiet lately . Still plenty of catfish down here but haven’t heard of anyone fishing for smallies .

The penn warner club has been popular . Allot of mixed bag. Jay and chuck have been getting pike, perch and bass , with some crappie mixed in . Again some days better than others. Just talked to a customer who is crushing the hello perch in the coves and marinas of the river . Mostly on little grubs and finesse . He said once you find them you bail them in . Penny pack still has plenty of trout in it . Few guys still heading down doing good on trout especially with this cooler weather . Well that’s all I have for this week . Tight lines



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