Fisherman Magazine Update

Now that Election Day is over, let’s hope our social media discussion returns to fishing reports & big fish photos! The big stripers are definitely coming through from Monmouth into Central Ocean County, on the way to Cape May. Yet another 50-pounder was reported on bunker schools this past weekend, and waves of new fish continue to stream their way down along the coast this week. Best bet is finding an exploding bunker school amidst the fleet, but getting away from the armada to find your own fish has been working for a few dedicated “run and gun” fishermen this week. Trolled Maja spoons, mojos, Rapala’s, Stretch plugs and Bomber CD’s will also put you into the action when trolling a bit deeper and away from the beach. Party and charter boats in New Jersey and Delaware continue to run black sea bass trips, and with The Fisherman’s Dream Boat challenge coming to end at the end of this month (and black sea bass to close on December 31) it’s the perfect time to go on the hunt for humpbacks this week. No more debates, let’s get back to fishing!

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