Anthony’s weekly report

Well still no fishing for myself. I have been deer hunting a little and mostly just waiting for duck season to get here . Last week I was in Aruba for Andrews wedding . Fun time with some great friends.  The shore is on fire for bluefish . Nothing huge but good eating sized fish. Mullet has been working best with plugs mixed in . They are also catching some bass as well off the beach. Most of the bass are being caught on plugs. I’m startling to miss flounder season and already am counting down the days until next year.

   The upper river has been on fire for small mouth. I caught wind of Bruce doing great on bass all the way up in Wayne country . Also lambertville new hope are has been great as well. Bruce caught all his fish on minnows and grubs. These are also the ticket to score around here with smallies. They are also starting to catch some walleye mixed in.

  Penn warner club has been hot for some and bad for others. I’ve talked to guys that are saying it is killer right now and jay and chuck say that it is hit or miss . One day it’s good one day it’s not . Allot of the local lakes should start producing with the weather cooling down.

The lower River is great for catfish right now. They are everywhere . Allot of smaller fish but some really nice ones mixed in as well. For some reason there is allot of River herring still in the river . They aren’t babies they are fool sized . Makes me wonder if any bass hung around as well . But I haven’t heard of any reports of any bigger sized bass at all around here. But also no one is fishing for them. Plenty of tiny stripers and white perch .

  The penny pack is going to be stocked the 12th i was told. We have plenty of trout baits here in the store . Just got some really nice wax worms, meal worms, and earth worms. All ready to be eaten by some trout. Also plenty of power baits and spinners in stock. The fall stocking is the best because there aren’t many people fishing and allot of days you have the creek to yourself. So whenever you are ready stop in and get urself geared up. That’s all for this week . Tight lines. Anthony


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