Fisherman Magazine Update

We started the week off with a blast of tuna reports from the Wilmington Canyon; but as quickly as the bite turned on, the weather went off with a stalled front jacking up seas from the Hudson to the Baltimore Canyon. Offshore hunters are keeping an eye on a breakaway eddy in hopes that it can produce good yellowfin numbers once the seas settle down at the end of the weekend. Inshore, bait is beginning to make a move and a few more sizable stripers have been scored on plugs and poppers in the front, with smaller poppers still doing a number on the resident stripers in the back. Shops are stocked with finger mullet and keeping a watchful eye on this storm system to see if it pushes mullet and peanut bunker into high gear! The Fisherman Magazine’s Dream Boat leaderboard is seeing a lot of activity of late as a combination of black sea bass and porgy has must produced a new leader for the year; that bodes well for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware subscribers anxiously awaiting the start of the black sea bass season in late October which is sure to produce a few humpbacks in that opening weekend. A rather surprising porgy bite is materializing offshore from Barnegat Inlet, big blues are around the North Jersey coast when swells lay down, while weakfish continue to rule the night in the South Jersey back bays.


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