Anthony’s weekly report

Well yet again fishing has been non existent for me . I have been hunting my butt off for geese . I have been managing to kill a few every trip out. Some days better than others . With bow opened up now I will be switching to that this week and hopefully be able to put some meat in the freezer . The fluke fishing has still been good down the shore . Andrew and Roy were out this week and managed 3 keepers with a bunch of throw backs . The day before Ray had 15 keepers . So the fish are their just  want to bite better one day then the next . With this weekend the fluke coming to an end you might want to get out there for the last hurah . Bass are starting to show up around island beach state park . I mean you hear of a fish here and a fish there which is good . Also a good amount of blues are hitting the beach being caught on plugs.

The Delaware river has been hot hot hot on the small mouth bite. Minnows and grubs are working best . They have been catching fish all throughout the day but the majority are at first light and right before dark. There are plenty of catfish , perch , and little stripers on the lower river . They are catching them on shrimp and bunker . Bigger fish being caught at night due to the heat . But hopefully the weather will break and we will start getting some cooler weather consistently .  For all you trout guys they are stocking the penny pack the second week of October I believe. The fall stocking is never crowded and always plenty of fish . So make sure you get out there . To all you hunters out there good luck this season as archery is upon us . That’s all I have for this week . Tight lines Anthony

Well the fishing for me has been non existent after the hunting season opened up . I have been goose hunting hard every morning with not much to show for it . A few birds here and there but it is was to hot out and no migratory birds around . I did shoot a banded goose last week which I was very happy about.

They are still catching plenty of fluke down the sure . Talked to a guy who caught his limit and some this past Monday out of barnegate . Ray and his dad went out this past week for a boat ride . They broke the inlet and decided it was to rough to fish the ocean . So they tried in the back and didn’t catch a fish . But Raymond couldn’t catch a fish in a barrel so we can’t go off that . South jersey reefs also producing some nice fluke. Island beach state park

Lit up with some big gator blues yesterday off the beach on anything you threw at them . Guys had all the fish you wanted and had a blast.

Up river is still great for smallies . Karl was out with butch and they smashed the fish the last few days . Karl said sinkos have been working best . And the best time is right before dark.

The lower river has still been great for catties and little stripers . Any kind of stink bait will work . My favorite being makrel . Any spot is good down on the lower river if you can stand this heat. But if you want bigger cat fish I would take eels and chunk them at night . Well that’s all I have for this week . Tight lines Anthony !

Well with hunting season approaching fishing has been non existing for me. I’m starting to switch gears over to the hunting . Allot of guys have been crushing the small mouth on the upper river with grubs and minnows . jr was out for a few hours this week right before dark and pounded em and all good fish . The lower river is great for catfish, perch and small stripers. They are doing very well on worms, mackerel and bunker . If your looking for bigger catties night time is when u want to go. They are also catching allot of crabs in the river this time of year .

The lakes have been producing and are only going to get better as the weather changes . Chuck and jay have been hitting pen warmer club and doing great on all species . They are taking a ton of minnows up when they go so I’m guessing that’s been the hot bait .

The shore was great for flounder up until this storm. I don’t know the affect it is going to have on the flounder bite but hopefully it has none . I wouldn’t want to be fishing down there this weekend that’s for sure . Winds are suppose to exceed 40mph. And 8-11 foot seas . Man that’s rough. Hopefully the bite is still there after this weekend but time can only tell . Still plenty of big sharks off the beach . Bunker eels and mackerel are working best . Well that’s all I have for this week tight lines . Anthony


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