Last Weekend Of The Summer!!


Weather this week kept me close to home. Plus a good dose of ivy poison did not help maters. Lower has not changed much with tons of catfish hitting bunker, clams, shrimp, nightcrawlers, chunked and live eels. Mixed in have been some mid size stripers 15 to 20 inches, with most of these fish being picked up after dark on live eels and live white perch. Some decent carp are being picked up at the Frankford Arsenal 20 to 40 pounds on home made carp baits and all different kinds of boilies. I also had one fisherman pick up a 17, 22 and 31 pound carp fishing just below Fort Mifflin the lower river. He picked these fish with tiger nut carp baits soaked in cram corn. Fishing in the Raccoon creek with live eels and bloodworms one customer has still been doing well on stripers up to 34 inches and catfish 5 to 12 pounds. Live eels and bloodworms are working best. Bass fishing has been slow unless you like catching smaller fish. John fishing plastic worms up in the Burlington section of the river has been catching 3 to 6 bass each trip out but all are under 12 inches. Rick fishing the docks downtown has been picking up a few decent fish 13 to 15 inches with crankbaits jigs and drop shooting different kinds of rubber baits.

The upper river has been in great shape with some great numbers of smallmouth bass being caught. Minnows have still been the best baits with grubs, tubes, Senko worms and spinners also doing well. Most waders have been catching 10 to 20 bass with a few stripers mixed in. The boat guys catching 25 to 50 fish with lots of smaller stripers around the wing dams and bridge abutments. One drift fisherman picked up 87 bass, 2 walleyes and 14 smallmouth bass last weekend fishing from the Water Gap down to Upper Black Eddy. He did best with minnows with grubs picking up a close second. The other guy’s fished Point Pleasant down to Yardley Monday catching 35 bass, 1 walleye and few stripers and perch mixed in. Minnows were best here. Kevin is still doing well on smallies up at the Water Gap with lower water the stripers fishing dropped off.

With all the heat the lake fishing has been very slow. Penn Warner just a few perch, crappies and bass hitting minnows, spinner baits, plastic worms and rattle traps. Jay and Chuck fishing every day have been picking up a few perch and bass with minnows. One fisherman at Core Creek picked up a few decent bass fishing the upper worms with crankbaits and Senko worms. My Churchville guys said a few bigger bass hitting at night with jitterbugs and hula poppers. John switched from Nockamixon over to Galena with a bunch of decent crappies hitting late in the day into the night hours on smaller twister tails, tubes and hair jigs. Several guys fishing FDR Park said just a few bluegills hitting mealworms or earthworms fished under a bobber. The hatcheries have been fair for catfish and bluegills fishing earthworms. Nothing big but great for the kids. Frank did pretty well on Brady’s lake for pickerel, bluegills and even trout. He picked up the pickerel with live minnows; bluegills with trout magnets and the trout were caught just before dark on Rebel Crick hoppers.

Saltwater action has been pretty good up to this weekend. I think this hurricane should put the shore off till sometime next week. But this past week flounder fishing has still been very good off shore with fish 5 to 10 pound are being caught with bucktails with a Gulp grub fished on a teaser rig. Most of these fish are being picked up in 20 to 40 feet of water. Inshore fluke fishing has been very good but the size has not. Most of the guys fishing the back bays and just off shore are catching 15 to 25 fish with 1 to 2 keepers. Here smaller bucktails and 4-inch gulp mullet have been working best. But some guys are still doing well with squid and minnows, spearing and flounder belly. Beach fishing for kingfish has been great in the Cape May up to Brigantine section of Jersey. Bloodworms and Fish Bites are working best. Shark fishing off the beach has been the best in years fishing chunked bunker, mackerel and kingfish heads fished on a wire leader rig. Most of these browns have been 3 to 6 feet. A few more stripers were picked up off the jetties fishing plugs, shad bodies and bucktails. Few guys fishing Long Beach Island jetties looking for stripers last weekend had to settle for a few smaller sharks on live eels. Now all the guys heading south to the Chesapeake Bay have been doing great with spots, croakers, small stripers, weakfish and giant perch. Bloodworms and Fish Bites working best. Down off the coast of Virginia one fisherman had a great weekend with small stripers and croakers all with bloodworms.

One got two jersey freshwater reports this past week with Chris fishing Newton for bass and snakeheads. He fished all day Saturday catching 11 largemouth bass and one 27-inch snakehead. He caught most of the fish with Live Target mouse, Zoom horny toads and Spro weedless poppers. The second report was from Tom’s buddy fishing Lake Hopatcong with big poppers, spinners, metal spoons, spinner baits and Savage eels catching some decent 3-pound smallmouth bass with lots of pickerel mixed in. They have not caught a musky in over 3 months.

Well that is all I have for you this week. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend. I will be missing next weeks report heading to Virginia for the week for our sons wedding. Then I will be heading up the mountains for the next week for a work weekend for our hunting club. So if I miss that weekend also I will say I’m sorry now. Till whenever!! Bill


8/20 was the Flounder tournament at my Marina in West Wildwood. The winner took home $1000 with a 7.07lb flounder using flounder belly.

I have been taking friends and family out fishing the past few weekends near the Brandywine light house in the DE Bay and drifting along with whole bunker. Caught quite a few Brown Sharks all were in the 4 to 5ft range but did get one that was 6ft.  I think we had a nice size Thresher on Saturday as I only saw its tail as it broke off at the boat.  Had a blitz of 16″ snapper blues come by which made for some fun tossing metal. Weird as lots of bunker in the bay and ocean but this past weekend there were none? Did anyone comment on the black flies this past weekend..worst I ever saw(100’s of them) and they bite.

People at my dock keep telling me to eat the sharks…no thanks just enjoy catching. If I got a Mako or Thresher that may have to go in the box. Brian


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