Delaware River Hot For Smallmouth Bass


Sorry about missing last week but by the time I got back from the mountains and took care of all the work for the store it was already Monday morning. Vacation was extremely hot. Out the first day to the golf course with a hunting buddy to shoot an 84. The next day my buddy John showed up so we hit the river for a 4-mile drift on the river of water I have never seen before. I really was not expecting much and was very happy to end the day with 93 smallmouth bass, 2 rock bass and a river chub. The bass ranged from 8 to 15 inches and all were caught with watermelon grubs fished on a chartreuse grub. We tried minnows several different times without a single hit. The next day we got out late due to rain all morning long. Problem is getting out late you have to deal with the speedboats, water skiers and tubers. Fishing the shoreline with these guys running back and fourth is a chore. We fished till about 5 and picked up 88 fish between bluegills and yellow perch. We had a few smaller bass mixed in but were looking for panfish to stock the pond. Getting up the last morning early to beat the crowd we fished Duck Harbor for 4 hours and put 111 bluegills and yellow perch in the pond and had several smaller bass mixed in. Pretty good week. Yesterday I was out on the lower river to find it muddy, full of grass and 85 degrees. In 4 hours I boated 10 catfish 1 to 3 pounds and lost 15 to 25 either dropped by the boat or missed hooked.

Core Creek really slow with just a few bluegills and perch hitting along the shoreline. Jim at Fall’s Township is catching a bass or two each morning with plastic worms but said over all the fishing is slow. Penn Warner a bit slow with tons of perch hitting minnows along the shoreline and a few mid size bass being picked up by the boat fisherman. FDR park one fisherman picked up a 15 inch largemouth bass on Monday with a top water frog. He was looking for snakeheads with no luck. Marsh Creek one fisherman picked up a bunch of small pickerel, perch and bluegills fishing worms and minnows off the docks. Nockamixon really slowed down for bass but the perch and crappies fishing has been hot fishing late in the day and after dark. Minnows, twister tails and tubes are working best. John picked up over 35 crappies 12 to 14 inches last weekend.

Some of the best fishing has been the smaller streams for smallmouth bass, rock bass and bluegills. The Pennypack has been very good anywhere from Veree Road up to Pine Road. The Neshaminy Creek in the Tyler State Park and Playwicki Park sections has been very good. I always like to fish just below the Boulevard but getting access is hard. The Perkiomen in the Collegeville and Skippack sections are always good. My favorite here is fishing the bridge where 73 crosses the creek down to the Skippack Creek. All these places small twister tails, spinners, small crankbaits and top water lures always work best. Minnows are also very good. Charlie is still fishing the Tohickon doing well on bigger bluegills fishing dry flies and poppers with his fly rod. He said the river has been too high and off color for him the past 10 days.

King fishing off the beach in the Cape May to Brigantine hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites. At night plenty of brown and tiger sharks with bunker, mackerel and kingfish heads. Plenty of flounder are being caught all up and down the coast with quite a mixed report on size of fish. I would say most of my customers have been catching 15 to 40 fish a trip with 1 to 3 keepers to bring home. Now there are a few guys doing well on fish up to 10 pounds. Most of these guys are fishing bucktail rigs with Gulp grubs, mullet or strip baits. I saw a few picks from Lou’s Face Book page on his flounder trip with several fish 20 to 23 inches. Don fished out of Fortescue over the weekend picking up 11 flounder with 5 keepers all over 4 pounds. He caught most of his fish with flounder belly and Gulp grubs. Crabbing has been great down the shore but again size has been a problem. Most guys are catching 1 to 2 bushels each trip with 2 to 3 dozen keepers in the mix. John was up at Long Beach Island fishing the beach last weekend with only a few skates. Off the jetties a few smaller sea bass and flounder are being picked up. The stripers have seemed to moved off the Long Beach Island jetties the past couple weeks.

Jersey reports have been slow. John still doing very well with pickerel, smaller bass, crappies and perch fishing the shorelines of Union Lake. Minnows, twister tails, tubes, spinner baits and top water have been working best. Jerry said the south jersey lakes have been pickerel, pickerel and more pickerel. Minnows working best with spinners and twister tails working second best. Richie said Lake Lenape has died with water temperatures reaching over 85 degrees. He told me the river has been fair for smaller pickerel and perch fishing live minnows or grass shrimp. Further down the river plenty of white perch and smaller stripers hitting bloodworms, minnows, crankbaits and smaller bucktails.

I know this is short but all I heard this past week. Good luck and enjoy as summer is coming to a end. Fall stripers are not that far away. Bill

I fished back bay of Wildwood July 31st near Grassy Sound. We used killies and squid with top and bottom rigs. It took less than an hour to catch about 5 flounder but all were about 14 inches…looked like the same fish each time. The day before it was 2 to 3 ft seas so we went out Cape May inlet about 10 miles out to a reef. 2 hours of chum and and bunker for bait we had 2 hits but no hook ups… there were lots of bunker schools out there. Brian

I was in your shop on Tuesday for makerel, clam, and squid. We fished sunrise on an incoming tide on Belmar beach.  The wind was blowing inshore and the surf was nasty.  I caught a short 15″ to 18″ striper on clam around 6:15, and that was it for the beach until we left at 9.  We moved to the bulkhead on Shark River and the snapper Blues were hot. My buddy landed a little fluke on a diamond spoon tipped with a mackerel clam combo. There were lots of throwback fluke being caught until 2PM when we left. Thanks for the fresh bait and tips. We will be sure to check out Sandy Hook as you suggested. Sincerely,Damien


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