The Heat Has Finally Broke (for a bit)


Out one morning this week looking for some catfish for our pond up state. Anchoring up with bunker, shrimp and nightcrawlers we ended up the day with 30 catfish 1 to 8 pounds. Most of the fish were in the 1 to 2 pound range. Best fishing was right below the Burlington Bristol Bridge. Lots of other guys have been out catfishing with bunker, clams, nightcrawlers and chunked eels. Most guys are picking up 5 to 15 fish a trip. Nothing really big unless they are having tournament where there are a few 8 to 12 pound fish caught. Down river by the Commodore Barry Bridge one fisherman is catching catfish 6 to 10 pounds with lots of stripers 24 o 30 inches all with live eels and bloodworms. He is fishing in the Raccoon Creek area. The upper river this week has been high and muddy so I had no reports back. Kevin said up at the Water Gap is high and muddy but that has helped the stripers fishing.   This past week he picked up 11 fish 25 to 32 inches all with live eels. He talked to several other fishermen all doing well with eels, poppers and 1-ounce jigs with 6-inch white and green twister tails.

Lake reports are coming in slow. Only one fisherman with his kids fishing Core Creek catching plenty of bluegills and white perch with earthworms and mealworms. Jim said the fishing at Fall’s Township is getting tough with only a few smaller bass with plastic worms. Another fisherman at the shopping center lake picked up a bunch of bluegills and a 2-pound largemouth bass all with nightcrawlers. Several different guys fishing Magnolia Lake picked up several smaller largemouth bass with spinners, smaller buzz baits and plastic worms. Frank out at Blue Marsh had a fair weekend picking up a bunch of pickerel, smaller bass and bluegills all with live minnows and worms. John said he had his worse fishing at Nockamixon in the past 5 years last weekend. He fished the upper end for bass catching a half a dozen fish 6 to 8 inches with slider worms. Then he headed to the ledges fishing deeper jigs and crankbaits not having a single hit. So he headed to the bait shop for some smaller shiners to fish the docks for crappies. 4 hours later he picked up 5 yellow perch and a crappie all caught on trout magnets. Ron called to tell me that Hickory State Park was fair for trout in the morning with lots of rock bass, chubs and bluegills during the afternoon hours. These fish were all picked up on different flies.

Saltwater action has not changed in the past couple weeks. Plenty of kingfish still hitting on the beaches from Cape May up to Brigantine. These fish are hitting bloodworms and Fish Bites the best. Mixed in have been some smaller flounder, sharks and skates. But fishing the evening hours with chunked bunker, mackerel and kingfish head there have been some 4 to 7 foot tiger and brown sharks caught. On the news I saw a film of a kid pulling in a shark a bit over 200 pounds in south jersey. Back bays of Wildwood Marc and his brother picked up 43 flounder with bucktails and gulp mullet. Problem was only 1 keeper fish. They also had 7 weakfish again all throwbacks and a couple smaller sea bass. John fishing behind Hara’s doing great with flounder and sea bass with minnows, squid and Gulp mullet. Couple guys fishing the Manasquan inlet landing some bigger flounder with bucktails tipped with Gulp grubs. Now the striper fishing slowed down but still several guys have been hitting the Long Beach Island jetties with live eels picking up a few keeper fish. Up at Brick one fisherman hit the beach looking for blues or bass. He fished all day on Saturday only catching a few smaller sharks and skates. The past couple weeks several guys have been heading to the Chesapeake doing well with croakers, spots, smaller weakfish and smaller stripers. Bloodworms and Fish Bites working best.

Mercer County Park slowed up with just a few bass and pickerel hitting minnows, worms, spinner baits and plastic worms. Two different reports from Newtown with both fisherman catching some bass and snakeheads with Zoom horny toads, Spro weedless frogs and poppers and Live Target mouse. One fisherman in the Cooper River picked up several 15 to 25 pound carp with cornmeals, corn and boilies. I talked to John at Union who has taken the past couple weekends off with all the hot weather. But one fisherman at Elmer picked up a nice 21-inch largemouth bass that weighted just under 5 pounds on Monday. He caught this fish with a golden shiner. Sand Pits in Wildwood several guys picking up smaller bass with top water plugs just before dark. If your fishing these waters makes sure you take tons of bug spray. Manasquan Reservoir one fisherman last weekend picked up over 25 pickerel with live minnows along the shoreline. He was out looking for bass but was happy with pickerel.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Well be away next week so it will be a couple weeks before the next report. Good luck and enjoy a decent weekend coming up.



One thought on “The Heat Has Finally Broke (for a bit)

  1. I fished back bay of Wildwood July 31st near Grassy Sound. We used killies and squid with top and bottom rigs. It took less than an hour to catch about 5 flounder but all were about 14 inches…looked like the same fish each time. The day before it was 2 to 3 ft seas so we went out Cape May inlet about 10 miles out to a reef. 2 hours of chum and and bunker for bait we had 2 hits but no hook ups… there were lots of bunker schools out there.


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