Fisherman Magazine Update

Night shift surfcasters have been putting gear to the test with fresh bunker, wire leader and 12/0 hooks leading to quite a sharks and big rays along the water’s edge. From time to time of course, some beachgoers have been surprised to see weekend casters catching and releasing a few browns and sand tigers in the mid-day sun as well! In addition to the sharks, more sheepshead and triggerfish are appearing along rockpiles and jetty walls from Delaware along the Central Jersey coast – and with a one blackfish limit back in play for Jersey jetty jocks it could be a good time to hit the rocks with a few crab baits. While fluking is very much hit or miss for many parts of the region, the best bets for true doormats of 10 pounds or better come from the North Jersey coast where a fluke of 13 pounds or better is worth $25,000 on Saturday (get details at the Reel Seat in Brielle or Offshore, some of the local bluefin and yellowfin hotspots have been rather crowded on recent weekends, but with 3 to 5’s forecast on Friday building to 4 to 7’s on Saturday, it should be a little quieter for those looking to pick the right window.



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