Smoking HOTT Weather


Sorry about missing last week but by the time I got my orders empty and customers waited on the weekend was over. Nice having all this good weather. But today I’m sitting in Fox Chase with Helen as she is getting a second opinion on all the crap she has been dealing with.  Also been dealing with some computer problems.

Last week I was only able to get out one evening looking for my first flathead catfish. Well it took me several hours to catch 12 perch with tons of stripers hitting my sabiki rig tipped with bloodworms. I think I put 22 stripers in the boat before my first perch. Getting my perch before dark I put out some bunker for catfish. I picked up 5 catfish all on the smaller side. As soon as dark came in I anchored close to shore and put the live perch out. Well 6 to 8 good runs not hooking a fish I decided to relocate and drop my hook size. Well what was picking up my baits were 15 to 18 inch stripers catching 2 fish with the smaller hooks. Again no flatheads. This week I was out Tuesday morning early to one of the best catfishing days I think I ever had. With bunker, nightcrawlers and shrimp I put 25 catfish in the boat before 10. I run a bunch of fish to the store for our pond and put the rest in the hatcheries. At 10 I picked up Helen and hit the same spot to a different tide and no fish. So we headed up the Burlington Bristol Bridge where we picked up another 10 catfish before lunch at Curtains Marina. These fish all went into the hatcheries.

Talking to everyone fishing the lower river for catfish have been doing great. I know three different guys out looking for flatheads not catching a fish this month. There are several guys fishing at night for stripers with live perch and eels catching fish 15 to 24 inches. Here the best spots have been Trenton, Burlington, Petty’s Island and just below the airport. Several big carp have been picked up by 3 different customers fishing below the Tacony Bridge. One of these guys had pictures of fish up to 40 pounds picked up on his own carp bait. One other picked up several mirror carp with Tiger Nut pop up boilies.

The upper river has been quite a mixed bag. Yesterday the river came up 2 feet and slowed up. But before that guys were catching 5 to 35 fish a trip with live minnows, grubs, spinners and top water lures. One fisherman out Saturday picked up 5 fish one day heading back the next day to put over 30 fish in the boat. He caught most his fish with minnows. One drift fisherman from Frenchtown down to Bull’s Island picked up close to 40 fish with most fish 13 inches or better. He said minnows were the ticket. Another fisherman at Washington’s Crossing picked up 11 fish Friday and 24 fish on Saturday morning all with grubs and Senko worms. Yardley seems to be the dead spot with most guys catching 1 to 6 fish each day with tons of 5 to 12 inch stripers. Kevin at the Water Gap said the low water has killed the striper fishing but picked up the smallmouth numbers. Most days he has been catching 10 to 25 fish a day on spinners, jigs, grubs, tubes and live minnows. At Narrowsburg one fisherman up for the holiday weekend catching 75 smallmouth bass, 11 walleyes and all kinds of river chubs. Now this was 3 days of fishing and all were caught with minnows and power grubs.

Pennypack Creek below Torresdale Avenue has been very good for smaller catfish, white perch and carp. Most guys are doing best with nightcrawlers and corn. Another great carp spot has been the Neshaminy Creek at Hulmeville Road, Core Creek fishing the lower end, Pennsauken Creek and the Cooper River. These guys are talking up fish 12 to 25 pounds caught with corn, carp baits and boilies. One last carp report with this fisherman picking up 2 bigger carp in the backwaters of Darby Creek down by the airport.

Up the Pennypack several guys have been doing well on smaller bass, bluegills and rock bass fishing spinners, smaller grubs and mealworms. The upper end of Core Creek produced a few bigger bass this past week with rubber skirted jigs and buzz baits. FDR Park just a few bluegills with trout magnets and mealworms. The shopping center lake some bluegills, catfish and perch hitting minnows and nightcrawlers. Penn Warner still hot for perch, crappies, bass and pickerel fishing live minnows, Senko worms, spinner baits tipped with brush hogs, crankbaits and top water lures. Magnolia Lake one fisherman picked up 7 bass with shallow crankbaits and 4-inch plastic worms. Jim still fishing Fall’s Township catching 1 to 3 bass a morning with plastic worms. Ron said Struble Lake slowed up for bigger panfish with tons of smaller fish hitting mealworms, trout magnets, 1 to 2 inch twister tails and fly rod poppers. Ron this week fishing the Schuylkill River catching plenty of smallmouth bass with grubs, spinners and live minnows. His buddies on the lower part of the Schuylkill have still been doing very well on catfish saying the flathead bite this past year is way off. They are thinking it has to due with the low and warm water. I have several different fishermen hitting the Susquehanna River doing fair on smallmouth bass. These guys fishing minnows, crayfish, hellgrammites, grubs, tubes, spinners and poppers. The numbers have been 15 to 30 fish a day with most fish 12 to 16 inches. These guys are fishing Duncannon to Harrisburg. Up the river at Sunbury catching 15 to 30 fish a trip. Again talking to the Churchville guys finding out these guys live on the lake. These guys are picking up largemouth bass 2 to 6 pounds with spinner baits; buzz baits, plastic worms and jigs. But again one fisherman off the road on the lake is crushing the perch and crappies with smaller minnows and marabou jigs.

Saltwater reports have been slow coming in. Dick who is having one of his best years fishing the beach at Brigantine. This past week he crushed the kingfish with bloodworms and Fish Bites. And he is not alone with everyone doing well on kingfish with a few smaller croakers mixed in all being caught with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Best places have been Sea Isle, Brigantine, Atlantic City, Wildwood and Cape May. Flounder fishing has been very good for most guys even know there are only a few doing well on keepers. The best spots for bigger fish have been north out of Barnegat fishing up towards New York. Also Sea Isle back bay and Fortescue. Out of Cape May if you don’t mind running to the old grounds for some bigger fluke. All other reports are coming in with most boats catching 100 to 200 fish with 3 to 5 keepers. Lots of guys are now heading to the Chesapeake for spots and croakers. Fishing with bloodworms, Fish Bites and squid most guys have been coming home with coolers of fish. North in Connecticut a few different flounder fisherman are talking up good numbers of 3 to 8 pound flounder with bucktails, squid, strip mackerel and flounder belly. Off shore out of Massachusetts still some good numbers of bigger sea bass and porgies hitting clams, squid, strip mackerel and bloodworms.

Jersey freshwater reports have been very good for bass, pickerel, yellow perch and snakeheads. The snakeheads guys have been doing best in Newton Lake and Copper River. These fish have been hitting rubber frogs fished weedless on top of the pads. Other good lures have been the Sebile mouse and Spro weedless poppers and frogs. John at Union said the bass fishing slowed up with some fish still hitting weedless frogs, top water plugs and buzz baits early in the morning. Other than that is has been perch, crappies and pickerel with grubs, minnows and spinners. Richie again stopped fishing Lake Lenape with only pickerel hitting. He was down to Manasquan Reservoir this past weekend catching 12 bass 2 to 3 pounds with buzz baits, poppers and suspended crankbaits in shallow water. Jerry only in once this week catching perch and pickerel in his group of south jersey lakes. Minnows are still the hot bait with spinners and twister tails working also. One fisherman up at the Pequest tried to fish for trout but found the water levels so low it was nothing but panfish, rock bass and chubs. Tom has not been out but still talks to guys that are fishing Hapatcong who have been doing pretty good on largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and pickerel more in the evening and morning hours. Don fished Round Valley one evening trolling up a couple smaller rainbow trout and one lake trout. And his buddy fishing Spruce Run catching plenty of crappies, yellow perch and pickerel with minnows, twister tails and slider grubs.

Well that is it for this week. If you’re in the market for waders check out our special page. Blowing out a bunch of rubber chest waders and all the odd neo and breathable waders in stock.



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